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Friday, November 18, 2005

Strangers in Paradise 

Hey folks, anyone who was on the Killbear camping trip in summer '03 met Karen. She was a co-worker and co-resident with my sister Ananda at the time. She came down to our campsite for a little while with a friend of hers. She later made up a story that Ben had given her a backrub. My sister had her on MSN, but hadn't heard from her in nearly two years:
Karen says:
amanda are you there

ananda mad-lion says:
hahaha hi karen it's been awhile and my name is ananda but it's nice to hear from you

Karen says:
hey well this isn't Karen either. LOL I'm at a public computer and she left her IM on line and it keeps coming up on line. If you see her would you tell her. It leaves her email open for all to read

ananda mad-lion says:
do you know her?

Karen says:
nope LOL I'm in a hotel in McAlester Oklahoma

Karen says:
Im Tim by the way

ananda mad-lion says:
ok ummmm well i haven't spoken to her in years but if i do i will tell her

Karen says:
Thanks Just wanted to let someone know Take care.

ananda mad-lion says:
good of you tim. ive had someone seriously mess wiht my msn before and it sucks. you too. have a good one.

Karen says:
you too have a great weekend by the way where you from? Not that it matters but you seem nice.

ananda mad-lion says:
toronto, canada

ananda mad-lion says:
karen's from canada too so i wonder what she's doing ...

Karen says:
seriously she must travel alot and was here sometime recently. I'm from Hawaii by the way internet sure makes it a small world.

ananda mad-lion says:
what's the best place to go on the island?

Karen says:
loaded question what do you like to do? Shop Waikiki, Snorkle there are dozons of places. Night life YEHAA great night life. And the beaches are so nice. I have to admit it's really pretty nice. I've been there 7 years now and I still find things I've never done.

Karen says:
but everything cost so much that sucks.

ananda mad-lion says:
why did you move? um, if you don't mind me asking

Karen says:
job and it looks like I'll be moving off Island for my job soon too. all good things must come to an end.

ananda mad-lion says:
where is the best beach and nighlife - like the best place for both those things together. actually im pretty into photography tho so maybe the best place for that?

ananda mad-lion says:
moving to oaklahoma?

Karen says:
no east coast probably Maryland. as for beach start off in Waikiki for everything then branch off. You need at least 2 weeks for Oahu, Then to to the big Island and see the volcano. Then to Kuai for the wilderness it's That place is awsome for pictures. They filmed Jurasic Park there. Night life. Are you old enought to drink?

ananda mad-lion says:
wow jurassic park. yeah im pretty sure my dad is going to go back and i can go. not sure when. yeah even old enough in the states !

Karen says:
Hey I need to go meeting some friends and I need to get ready to go. If ya want to chat some more feel free to add me to your IM but I'm usually on Yahoo. a_mcgyver_hi_2005@yahoo.com

Karen says:
What's your real first name?

ananda mad-lion says:
tim from hawaii, i have to go for dinner but um, you don't use msn hey ?

ananda mad-lion says:
that's my real name ananda

ananda mad-lion says:
but my middle name is madeleine - which translates to mad-lion

Karen says:
cool that's a nice twist well feel free to add me to your IM Yahoo or Hotmail my hotmail is t_stinehi@hotmail.com

ananda mad-lion says:
ok ill add you to my msn wiht that hotmail. what's that name about?

ananda mad-lion says:
tell me, then ill let you go

Karen says:
ok well you ever see the old show McGyver?

Karen says:
With richard Dean Anderson

ananda mad-lion says:
ok... ive heard of it

Karen says:
he plays on Stargate SG 1 now

Karen says:
well I kind of look like him

ananda mad-lion says:
how old are you?

Karen says:
older than you I think LOL

Karen says:
I"m 40

ananda mad-lion says:
lol ok well ill look up that character i gotta go for dinner tho have a good nite

Karen says:
you too. take care and nice chatt'en with ya. Later....

Heh. My sister gave away her full name and her city. Time to start lockin' 'em doors! (Email addresses have been slightly altered to protect from [Spam?] )

Why Rent? 

Is Christmas safe for animals? Jesus says: "No!"

Working on my ethnography last weekend, I visited 3 separate trendy Cd stores in downtown Toronto.

Sonic Boom: the moment I walk in it sounds like 100 typwriters going off at once. Kind of creepy. Wandered around for a while. Wanted to buy everything I saw. Bought a Decemberists album instead (The Tain). Cool, but short. Apparently those guys get around 2000 used Cd's a day! Fuckin ludicrous! Counter ppl nice, and somewhat cute. I want to go back.

Soundscapes: very afraid going in there. Heard that it was the snobbiest of the snobs. Actually, not too bad! Looked around (didn't take long, very small place) and found a wkkid calender that I'm gonna put up in my Excal office. Also came w/ a cd. Sweet. There was around 5 ppl working there, but only around 3 customers. Weird. I asked for a Morning After Girls cd (the most obscure group I could think of at the time), one of the counter dudes knew it immediately, took me right to it. He asked me if I saw them, and I said "ya, at te Horseshoe", he asked if they were good, I said, "ya, pretty good!" he said, "I'll bet they were." Did I just get dissed? I really couldn't tell. Those hipsters can be tricky ones. Anyway, I bought the album. I don't care what you say Ben, I think it's decent enough to own.

Rotate This: I've been here before! I had no idea when I chose it, but this was the place that I bought Ben's Christmas gift my first year at York (I was so fukkin proud of myself for buying an actual vinyl record, despite the fact that I had no idea how to play it at the store when they told me to preview it to make sure Ben would like it! Incidentally, I had no idea whether Ben would like it or not; I just knew that it was jazzy, vinyl, and something I'd never heard of before - sounded right to me!). Okays, back to my ethnography. I was supposed to ask the counter people for a Nickelback or 50 Cent album - I chickened out.... What if I wanna go back there sometime? What will they think of me then?!? Plus there was lot of people around... too many witnesses...

Conclusion? "CD store employees (particularly independent CD store employees) are a part of an elitist culture of music appreciators. This distinguishes them from the buying public – the patrons of said CD store – and therefore allows them to make qualitative judgements of these consumers based on their musical tastes. In this particular culture, the store employees are the norm, or what people strive to be, while everyone else is the other or outsider." Or at least that's going to be my thesis statement in my ethnography.

In other news.
Buck 65. Latest inteview - and also the best. He was so awesome to speak to! Such a nice guy, and he actually had shit to say (unlike many other interviews I've done)! I didn't have to ask questions; this guy just TALKS! Can't wait to see him live. Only problem with the interview was that I missed half of it on my recorder because of technical difficulties. That part fukkin sucks.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Goin' drinkin 

Hey people Sam and I are goin' to Ein-steins for a few pitchers, we'll be there till midnightish for sure (we're starting early and ending early) if people want to stop by they should!

Jaeger bombs!!!!

Goin' Apeshit (On My Essays) 

Urgh. Yeurrk.

I've had three, THREE essays due this week. The last one is due today. I have no time management skills. I haven't slept since yesterday. All I can say is that I'm done. I have no idea how good they are, either. My judgement is shot. Does anyone wanna go to improv on monday? And by "go to improv", I mean "use improv as a launching point for getting hammered? I seriously feel as though that is something that I need to do, and soon.

Anyways, I balance out complaining with hot links. Here's an interesting article for all you pop-culture scholars out there. It's about Aquaman being a microcausm (my spelling is also shot). And did somebody say 1940's dressing, Toronto-based comics drawing nostalgia-phile? Apparently, the Onion did.

OK, I'ma go drink some coffee.

Cooperating with fraggles? Not on my watch. Prepare the boiling oil! 

This week Devon and I are trying to give life to the NDP Trent Campus Club. One of his Politics profs proposed the idea to the class as an alternative to writing an essay, he and a woman named Samantha were the only ones to take up the offer. She came over to our house on Sunday to start planning an information meeting which is on Friday. Today the three of us went around campus putting up flyers.

Apparently there's a Trent Young Liberals Club which really surprises me because how can anyone get excited about a party that doesn't stand for anything. I'm going to get some side walk chalk and in big letters write "PAUL MARTIN AND THE LIBERALS EAT BABIES" just to see what happens.

Take Your Partner By The Hand 

She walks alone down a sleazy backstreet
Around a corner, up an alley to a dead end
There under a small blue light
She enters an unmarked doorway
(A low heartbeat, a low pounding escapes into the night)
This is a place she goes to fulfill a very basic need
Something people have been doing since the dawn of man
To communicate without talking
If she needs something
She makes a gesture with her hand
And mouths what she wants
She wants to make a connection
A certain kind of connection
No this is not about something from the black market
This is about no questions
This is about smoke and sweat and beats
This is about no message

Take your partner by the hand
He's a woman, she's a man
What's so hard to understand
Take your partner by the hand
Mona in the promised land
Take your partner by the hand
Keep it simple if you can
Take your partner by the hand

At the club they circle around some sex goddess like vultures
Flashbulbs popping
Like bees around their queen
She is completely indifferent to all the commotion
And orders some mango tango ice cream by sign language
She's approached by some wild-eyed poet drunk with love
I like her easy refusal, the way she shakes her head
She lives these days in the attic of an old dance hall
That's been shut down for years
And swears there's times when she can hear feet shuffling below
And can see the shadows swaying, moving to the music

CHORUS (first half)

Elevator going up
Fifth floor
Lady's handbags, shoes, leather accessories, and electronics
Wait a minute, where am I, on this elevator to nowhere
Going up, going down
Then like a hallucination
I saw her out of the corner of my eye
Studying some shoes very carefully
She definitely had a particular purpose for these shoes in mind
Then as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared
Back into the slash and burn of New York
Ah, stuck in traffic
Crosstown, the stress of not moving
She described it as like being locked in a car
With a madman behind the wheel
And the radio tuned to static


- Robbie Robertson of former The Band fame.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


So, here's a news item. I can't believe I beat WB to the post here. Maaan, I don't even know what to say.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Scoop Yeah, Part Deux 

So I had a really bizarre experience this morning. I have a presentation today and wake up to find out I slept in... for 20 minutes. Print it off, run to class, arrive late. And the prof is like, "Oh I thought you weren't coming today. I got your e-mail." But I have no recollection of sending any e-mail nor does my e-mail record any sent message. Weird.

The new edition of The Scoop is out. Another weird thing, despite me no longer being editor somehow I am still mentioned in 5 articles. My editorship is dead, but my shameless self-promotion lives on. The bad thing about no longer being editor is that you could be edited. She took out a perfectly good line about me being a "hate criminal". Oh well. So send any punsters, apples or yatws over svp, so she can include em in the next issue.

As for 5 movies, I'm seeing The Aristocrats on wednesday so I don't think I can recommend it, but it looks good. Same with Jesus is Magic (Sarah Silverman's movie. Sample line: "I was raped by a doctor which is a very bittersweet experience for a Jewish girl")

So here they are:
Team America: World Police
Harold and Maude
Bullets Over Broadway
The Big Idea

Phytotron = Best name ever. 

In my lab today we went on a tour of the greenhouse, which, to my great amusement, is named "Phytotron". The TA told all sorts of amusing anecdotes:
  1. The growing lamps were purchased cheaply from the police after being seized in various drug raids.
  2. One of the research labs grows the castor bean plant Ricinus communis, which produces a potent toxin called Ricin; it was used to assasinated the Bulgarian journalist Georgi Markov when he was stabbed with an umbrella containing Ricin crystals. Consequently, the lab has to keep CSIS informed about any research involving the plant.
  3. The special incubation chambers are hooked up to a computer that replicates whatever environmental/climactic conditions are present in a specified area of the world. They lack handles on the inside and can be opened just by pushing the door. A while ago a couple of grad students closed the door behind them and, seeing that there were no handles, thought they were locked in, staying there for 8 hours until someone else opened the door. They must have felt pretty foolish after that.
  4. We're not allowed to enter the research labs that grow genetically modified organisms because there's been a history of students destroying such labs, ripping up the all of the plants inside, on account of their fanatical opposition to GMOs.

Here are five movies that I would recommend: Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Pi, American History X, The Boondock Saints, The Virgin Suicides.

I want to be at that party 

Yeah so I've been really busy for the past week, thus the concerning lack of getting-ma-post-on. But I've hit a brief lull in the workload, so lemme getchall up to date, Colleen-style!


Lots of work. I've hit a learning plateau in my French class, the first month and a half I seemed to be learning a lot because that knowledge existed but had just been push to the back of my brain due to years of not being used. Now the learning curve has turned against me, new material and such. I have 3 essays, 4 tests and an essay proposal due between Nov 21 and Dec 6. Heavy load of readings continue most have been pretty dry, except for Machiavelli and WW1 readings.

Extra Curricular

Still Volunteering with cadets, I've been put in charge of the first aid team for competitions. Basically that means that I supervise while they practice different scenarios and make sure they spend more time practicing than gossiping. Apparently the judges like scenarios with gaping abdominal wounds and spinal injuries.

Right now I'm working on an interesting assignment for my WW1 history class which was to attend a Remembrance Day memorial service and take not of the language that is used, who was being addressed, and what myths of Canada's war are expressed. I was there marching with the sea cadets. After the parade and memorial service everyone heads to the various service clubs around town to drink for the rest of the day. They start at the Senior Ranks Mess at the Armouries, go across the street to the Legion, take a shuttle bus to the Air Force Club and finish the day at the Navy Club. Each club has a traditional dish or meal that they serve: chili at the Armoury, nachos at the air force club and clam chowdah at the navy club. It's fun spending the day drinking wicked cheap beer, eating good food and listening to war stories. Despite their age the vets can really pound 'em back, I guess they have lots of experience.

We play our last innertube water polo match of the season tomorrow, so far our record is 2-2-1. The past two games I've almost been thrown out for getting my hands and elbows too close to opponents faces. Ooops.

Since the rowing season ended 2 weeks ago I've gotten to see a lot more of Kate, good news. On Friday we went over to her friends house where we had dinner with 4 of the women she shared a house with last year, that was fun, we all drank and smoked a LOT.

This morning before class Devon and I were sitting in the kitchen eating massive bowls of frosted mini-wheats when one of us said "wouldn't it be awesome if, for the last 2 months of his presidency, George W. reverted to true frat boy nature", just imagine Animal House goes to the White House. In our minds it would be like Cinderella after the stroke of midnight **POOF** he fires all of his dad's good-ol-boy cronies like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Condi and hired all of his old Yale frat brothers: Stinky, Tank, Possum, D-Day and Cooter. The Rose Garden would be turned into a massive jello wrestling arena, there would be wet t-shirt contests on front lawn, the Situation Room would be hotboxed and keg stands would be done on the presidential desk. An open invitation would go out to every American and "Anyway You Want It" by Journey would be playing all the time. I suggest a rood trip down to DC. For the rest of the day there was one image that I could get out of my mind: George dressed in a toga, riding a pig with a keg under one arm, a bong in the other hand and a bra on his head. HERE'S MY CHALLENGE: DRAW A PICTURE OF THAT PARTY I will be so happy.

Just to appease Leo here's my list:

Bridge Too Far
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Magnificent Seven

Fuck it I need ice cream

Monday, November 14, 2005

Goin' ProcrastinApe 

I got three essays due, I got the tiredness creeping down my spine, and I probably don't have time to blog, but here, Leo, is a list of 5 films I would Highly recommend, sort of, in no particular order.

1. The Scarecrow, Buster Keaton. (A Short)

2. Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks (I always recommend this)

3. Brazil, Terry Gilliam (I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it. It was a while ago)

4. Battle Royale, I forget (I'm sure you've all seen it; I was there for most of you)

5. Miller's Crossing, Joel and Ethan Coen (The Coen brothers' ganster movie)

There. No maybe when I have less work I'll come up with my own list challenge!


Sunday, November 13, 2005


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