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Friday, July 30, 2004

Shindig Update 

Okay, the plan for tonight seems to be that we'll see a movie between 10-11. Two good candidates seem to be "The Village" and "The Manchurian Candidate". The theatre is also showing "Catwomen" and "I, Robot" which we might want to picket if we get bored.

It's my job to call Dave and Box and inform them, but my parents threw out Dave's phone number (Nothing personal-I think-they just recycled a bunch of paper) and neither Neil ('s family) nor Sam are in so I can't get Alex's number.

So I'll just communicate it electronically.

Today was good because we got chinese food for lunch. Today was bad because two people are leaving forever. Today was worse because I had to spent the whole day and overtime fixing some huge mistakes some others made.

So? Anyone? Plans? 

Wondering about shindiggery status myself. Wonder where Jacob is. david dot warde dot farley at utoronto dot ca is my e-mail and is hillariously enough probably more reliable than reaching me via telephone. That or the old MSN, the_last_ghetto_astronaut at hotmail.

"there's a party tonight and ooh she's so excited; tell me who's invited? you, your friends and my d*ck." 

ok, so someone needs to inform me of this shindig soiree tonight by calling me. I refuse to check this space for more details, so SOMEONE MUST CALL ME (416.604.9721, in case you forgot) AND NEIL (enter # here?) seeing as we're both too hot to handle the 'net, or something. Plus I'm totally waiting for a phone call from... someone. ahem.

guess what? the body shop called me back for another interview!!!! yeehaw! Monday 11am! wish me superb luck. in fact, pray to jesus, if that's your thing. scratch that, if you're going to be praying to anyone, it should be either vishnu or ganesh, BUT NOT SHIVA, cause she/he destroys too many things when he/she gets breakdancin'. and buddha's too chill to interfere with mankind's petty pleas. but y'know, you could always do some sorta sacrifice... maybe like, a goldfish because they symbolize wealth and etc. for the goddess....

so yeah. call me?

Shindig mkII (b) 

Woo, Meyers is here again. So who really wants to do something tonight (sorry I didn't do anything last night). So lets all do something tonight, I get off work at 8, so can be back by 9, but feel free to start without me. Or if tonight is no good we can do something saturday night, both work well for me. But lets just all DO SOMETHING!

C'mon! someone arrange something! Just let me know! LET ME KNOW!

In closing, I'd like to say, party. now.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

I'm back in T.O. for five days sunday night is my parents 20th anniversary soiree (I'm not going to bother with accents, as everyone knows my accent is nomadic) and mom's 50 th B-day, it should be pretty rockin. My parents have put me in charge of the music for the night so inaddition to the stuff they selected (motown classics, awesome rock of the 80's and the Wayne's World 2 soundtrack) they told me to play some modern dance stuff. So the're going to get Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and other bump and grind stuff.

Speaking of bump and grind I was one of the officers voluntold to chaperone the cadet dance last saturday. Basically this meant I got to walk about the dance and the cadet canteen "gently reminding" 12-16 year old cadets about the six-inch rule (positive or negative six inches you ask?). Most of those kids are horny as rabbits, you could actually smell the hormones in the dance.  Any time I told a couple that they were too close the male would always give me a sly look as if to say "I know I've been caught, Sir, but as soon as you turn away I'm going back to dry humping this chick I just met". We also had a precieved problem with the kids from Toronto who would form large densly packed circles to watch people breakdance fight. The other officers didn't quite get that they were not actually fighting but they didn't like not being able to see into the centre of the circles. I didn't have that problem. I really enjoyed plowing through crowds of cadets who are a foot and a half shorter than me. As the dance was ending a group of 5 or 6 males decided to stalk me around the canteen, one of them got knee'ed in the bits and another ended up in a recycling bin 

Because I'm so naturally charming and awesome I have attracted a following of 14-16 year olds, my friend Steve told me to stop flirting, but it's not like I'm trying. He was also chaperoning the dance and liked telling people afterwards that if I was a cadet I could have picked up numerous times.

I've continued to put to use my wicked first aid abilities, I've dealt with bloody knees, several bloody noses, popped knee caps, and hyper ventilators.

With two weeks left at camp I'm looking forward to the last three big parties, first the party after sunset parade (some sort of army cadet tradition I have yet to understand). Then the Ceilie hosted by the pipes and drums company which has bagpipes, highland dancing, a Celtic band, and tug-o-war (which is even better when all the officers are drinking like their scottish name sakes). Finally there will be the end of camp party when we have to drink all the alcohol left in the officers mess.

I'm home for the weekend and want to see everyone.

Operation Janus 

"Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition ... to the early use of military force by the US against Iraq. I share your concerns. On January 11, I voted in favor of a resolution that would have insisted that economic sanctions be given more time to work and against a resolution giving the president the immediate authority to go to war."
--letter from Senator John Kerry to Wallace Carter of Newton Centre, Massachusetts, dated January 22 [1991]

"Thank you very much for contacting me to express your support for the actions of President Bush in response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. From the outset of the invasion, I have strongly and unequivocally supported President Bush's response to the crisis and the policy goals he has established with our military deployment in the Persian Gulf."
--Senator Kerry to Wallace Carter, January 31 [1991]

The Kerry's a flip-flopper thing's been done a lot but what I think these letters raise is a point about politicians in general. I'm sure most politicians do not actually read the letters they're sent by us (i.e. the people). So I decided to do an experiment. What would happen if I sent two letters, both expressing opposite views to a politician. Would I get two different letters? Would I get one thank-you-for-expressing-interest letter? Would it be shunted to another department?

To find out I launched Operation Janus (Doing a quasi-prank requires a name). I wrote two letters. One against the weaponization of space and one for it (It's not really an issue I care too much about, in my opinion space was militerized a long time ago and trying to "stop" it now is like shutting the barn door after the horse has left). Tonight I will mail both of these letters to Paul Martin. I'll keep y'all posted about what happens.

I'm Classy 

I found the most incredible thing yesterday. I was shopping at buy the pound, where you get old clothes by weight, and I found...


Thats right, TAILS! And it was half price day so they only cost 2.20. Also I got a Captain Power and the Solidiers of the Future bedsheet that Maddy has promised to turn into some sort of clothing for me. I am happy.

So we should do a shindig tonight, but not too late, but still do something! AHH!


Shirin, leos email is leo_moncel@hotmail.com

shocking, isn't it?

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I would email Leo but I have not his address. someone give it? 

shindig! yay! maybe I could actually stick around for a decent amount of time y'know and NOT GO CLUBBING. It's not even the idea of clubbing that I hate... because it's salsa! It's great, it's fun, quality time all around. except for the old men. And you can't even tell if they're authentic old salsa men or if they're just creepy old men from the salsa lagoon and by the time they've wrapped their chunky 'mild' tentacles around you it's kinda too late for the holy water.

ugh. the interview was postponed to thursday, the day of thor. 10am now. a bit better.

I'm supremely excited about hip hop tonight. Finally, someone with a job is paying for my dance classes. Lenny, our teacher, told Lina that, "Once you guys get better, I'm gonna use you (for videos!)!" He just recently choreographed a Keshia Chante video... squee! Plus, I took out a rather messy pile of trash and recyclables this morning for which I will get a "big reward, I promise," said mom. It was messy cause the raccoons got into it last night. Funny, cause as I heard their little battle cries I thought to myself, "Thank God I don't have to take out the trash.. It'll just sit there for a while until garbage day. Yup. Sleep tight!"

It's good to see you guys all chipper and cheery and stuff... enjoy it while it lasts cause I'm gonna start pestering about that second ride up to Killbear soon.............................................like now.

So. Got another ride yet?

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Soya-lent ('s not) Green 

There was an interesting tidbit from Jurassic Park I hadn't noticed any of the previous times I watched it. The 'DNA' animation has just ended and the tour moves on to view bustling scientists. The lawyer, thinking they're robots leans over to Hammond and asks: "Are those auto... eroticas?" All in all, t'was a great evening (not the least because hundreds of crazed party people didn't come and trash my house). So count me in for the shindig.

I was disappointed to learn that the major factor in the deforestation of the amazon is soya, not beef. So all those times when I bit into a veggie burger "knowing" I was helping save the rainforest I was actually helping destroy it. There's irony for you.

Lastly, this is pretty cool

"I dig" 

I'm all for the shindig, hopefully I'll make it this time.


So, I'm finally trying the Parry Sound Cybercafe.

It's okay.

The guy gave us a deal.

I've been hitting rock bottom lately. You know, no ideas, no energy, everything possible goes wrong. Seriously, everything I did in a 48 hour period. But I finally hit the depths once a friend of mine pointed out how terrible this program I was working on had become. So, I killed the program and got a new idea. Death and re-birth baby, that's how I feel. I'm back on the up right now, things seem to be looking better and better. I'm in town now, I but groceries, etc... Anyways, gotta hit the ol' dusty trail (in the parlance of our times).

This is the last time that I will ask you all to please send me emails. I don't like begging, certainly not from my own friends.

Take care,

Off 'till Friday! 

So the last three days I've done bartending. I made 60 bucks worth of tips in that time. So I'm fairly happy, also I don't have work again till friday, so I'm working friday and saturday 12-8. Basically what I'm saying is this, I'm loaded, have a lot of free time and want to see people. SHINDIG! So yeah, who wants to do something.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Dentists: The Enemy Of Freedom 

Senator Hatch is to his old tricks again with his new Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act (Formerly the INDUCE Act, which I think is a zippier title). Now I'm not a guy who knows much about technology, but I know that putting criminal penalties on activities that "aid" "infrigement" is a crazy idea. This won't just threaten peer-to-peer services but hypothetically this could apply to tons of stuff. iPods? Photocopyers? Libraries?!

But this terrible bill (should it pass) won't be enough to save the record conglomerates from being cast onto the ash heap of history. They are worse than evil, they are irrevelent. There is no simply no need for a recording industry. They are not needed for distribution, certainly the internet is a far better medium for the transmission of information than shrinkwrapped polymer discs. They are not needed for production, nowadays any fast computer combined with some basic equipement can rival any studio. They are not needed for promotion, as p2p does the job just as well. So what are they needed for? They take our money (some of which obtained via illegal price-fixing so I guess they don't apply their so-called anti-stealing policy to themselves) and use it to promote utter shit. But cranking out prefabricated boybands and their ilk is no justification for what they do (Hell, even that's irrevelent now that American Idol's here). They had their chance with the internet and they blew it. Even now they try to hamstring their pay downloading sites with rules and controls (when you buy a car do you let the auto industry tell you where you can go or who can drive it?). Competing with a free product by offering an inferior version, sounds like a plan.

So don't cry for the Record Industries. From the beginning of their existance they're been trying to stamp out new technologies (A hundred years ago they sued player-piano makers to end the threat from sheetmusic). And don't cry for the artists, most bands make their money from concerts, and music sharing helps those by promoting awareness. Senator Hatch, I bite my thumb at thee. After reading about your legislation I downloaded some music (Well... Good Charlotte, that's almost music) and I say to all of you, do it as well. The record industry is quaking, time to put it out of its misery.

Yeah, okay, you're probably right. 

Well, we were both wrong initially, it is soirée. But I guess you were closer.

So the music industry buffoons in Canada feel so "impotent" (as Neil put it this morning) after courts sided with consumers on the downloading issue, that now they're going after dentists.

Ridiculous! You just said the secret word!


you're totally wrong! (soir=night, soirée=evening, don'tchaknow? ehm.. but that extra e... I can't recall if it's a feminin word or not... I'm guessing yes, cause like.. black is the female part of yin and yang... right? c'est possible...) errr unless you're speaking something other than french. technically, nine years of french immersion -should- make me wholly confident in my spelling, but then there's the passive girlie side of me that doubts my smarts and just likes to let boys think they're right. but then there's the canadian side of me that's sorta bitter after saying "I'm sorry" twenty billion times when it was the other guy who bumped into ME. and then there's the iranian side of me that kinda wants to bomb everyone, regardless of who bumped into whom. what can ya do?

I bought some nice black 'short' heels from aldo today for my body shop interview. Yeehaw. The guy who sold me on them was being very 'consultant' like and asked me which store the interview was for, and then he started asking me where I go to school and what I study...... and then I thought to myself, "Don't jump into anything too soon, there are so many fish in the sea.." and I told him I just need to look around to make sure they're 'the one'... so I did some window shopping... bought some 'power lingerie' from american eagle (? they don't HAVE 'power lingerie'... but I got some nice stuff there anyways) and found myself drawn back to those cute little heels and that shiny black leather in an oh-so ballet slipper inspired style at aldo.......... so I bought the damn things, and I'm so happy now.

I had a hardcore protein dinner and I've got four hours before hip hop to find some cash for the class.... I'm totally going to come home and take a pampering shower tonight... I hope I remember to set my alarm clock..

Goin' Ape 

No news on the car, but Jurassic Park was awsome the other day. So I got to do more bartending yesterday, It was great, in a 5 hour shift I got $30 dollars worth of tips!
I'm tired, i should write more, but maybe i'll do that later.

Night all.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

I'm pretty sure it's suaré. 

... but I could be wrong. I'm not totally convinced that the root of the word is soir as in evening.

You York'ers (and even the rest of ye) might be interested in this. I'm surprised I didn't hear about this much in the Canadian media more. Oh wait, no I'm not.

If I were a student at York, I'd ask for Lorna Marsden's resignation. I'd encourage you folks who do attend York to do the same. A university is an environment that's supposed to foster dialogue, open-mindedness and god forbid, a little dissent; regulations are in place to facilitate these, and ensure than anyone facing disciplinary action has a chance to appeal. It appears as though Marsden has violated both the letter and the spirit of these rules, and in doing so has undermined the overall credibility of York University. I'd be pissed if I was you guys.

"suaré"=soiré, ok? 

russel crowe + renee zellwegger, yo.

and that must have been why the white stripes showed up at a 'greenhornes' show at the horseshoe tavern. stupid on again off again renee and jack white.

in cool news, I went to the midnight masquerade held by the artist in residence tyler clarke burke at the drake hotel. I was totally all businessy and posh, and they gave me this furry mask, so hence I was catwoman/michelle pfieffer. This is how I met the 30 year old poet who's mask consisted of a beekeeper suit thing. I discovered the zipper from whence he could escape. I also discovered how disgusting vodka martinis are and how delightful lychee martinis are, especially when said 30 year old poet buys you two and you feel bad so you pay him 6 bucks, which wasn't even half of the total.

the best part was, we had already had two glasses of wine before we got there... so I guess all together I had two glasses of red wine (primer coat), a vodka martini (gross! I gave it to the poet.) , and then two lychee martinis (good ending notes).

then we crashed at miranda's, and spent a good half of a day lying about in bed and then eating up a storm at daddy-o's, the new pop tate's. Mir=Betty, Iggy=Veronica, Isabelle=Midge, Kim=Alexandra (y'know, the one with the white hair streak), and me=sabrina the teenage witch. I used to be part of the cannon. betty... but now... I get to date harvey. woot.

next thing to try: cosmopolitan.

well guys. enough talk of my fun. how's the car planning going? anyone got a word about who's got a car we can hijack?

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