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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Alas, no shindig for me. 

So I went to see Spider-Man 2 yesterday in the early afternoon. Not bad if you can ignore the 700,000 things wrong with the fusion stuff. I went with a friend who is only in town until Sunday. Was supposed to go to a bar with them later on that evening -- when another friend and I met them, I was turned away at the Friar & Firkin for lack of "good" ID. They arrived 40 minutes late, and my soon-to-be-gone friend had now brought along another friend of her's, a mouthy character who let loose the know-it-all on me for not having ID, which prompted me to decide to leave. I'm lucky I left when I did -- today I found out he is not only a ("New") Conservative but a Zionist, two groups I believe the world would be better off without. Had I stayed to listen to his right-wing carry-on I might've woken up this morning with blood on my hands.

When I left them, I was really miffed. Luckily I found some friends down at Einstein's, and gratuitous beer finally cooled me off. Memorable lines of the night include a friend of mine saying "I'll suck a dick before I dance to techno".

Hope the shindig went well. Colonel Shvatz and I will try to make the next one.

P.S.: I am noticing that for some reason quick post is not working (for me, anyway). I am guessing this is just Blogger upgrading something or being possessed by the souls of murdered space aliens. If you get just a blank page when you click the date, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the monkey (or just go to http://blogspot.com) and post the old-fashioned way.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Shindig MkII 

So, I am proposing an amdendment to the planned shindig. I am going to hold a barbecue at my house. Anyone who would like to come we will start festivites at 6:30, please come, and then afterwards we will go to Atlas one.

For those of you who don't know my house is at 358 Lauder Ave. (its near Oakwood and rogers). Atlas one is located at 1 Atlas Ave. (Atlas and St. Clair)

Anyone who wants can give me a call at (416) 651-3734

That is all.

You said it Sam, titles suck. 

These aren't the droids you're looking for? What the hell was I thinking? Benji's on the right track not putting titles in.

The university's closed Thursday and Friday so it looks like I'm not working for the rest of the week. Which is good since I need to catch up on other things.

Atlas One = erm what? I'm sure I'm missing something.

So I enjoyed a late (LATE) lunch today consisting of a Molson Canadian and a pot of Kraft Dinner (could I be more Canuck on Canada Day) then went with Leona to watch fireworks at the Harbourfront. It was rad. Though I must say, girls are weird. No offense, Shir.

And yeah, Carolyn Bennett, I dunno. Above all she strikes me as an intellectual midget. Maybe she would fight for my concerns if she could wrap her noggin around them. But maybe not. Probably not. Bleh.

I'm gonna go pass out now. All that tzatziki is making me sleepy.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Sorry. I know that it'sa gross breach of nettiquette to post 2wice in a row, but this'll be short.

First, for all those interested, the "shin-dig" tomorrow will be at Atlas One at 9:30. If you're late or early, it's no big deal, but that's the official time.

On a sadder note, Smile Donuts has closed. True, those of us who visited it only did so once, but it will always occupy a special place in our hearts as one of the seedier restaurants we've ever seen.

That's it.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Titles Are Hard 

So, I finally saw Bubba Ho-Tep today, and it's really got me conflicted. On the one hand, Bruce Campbell was as good as always, the mummy was cool, and the plot that didn't concern the undead was interesting, but it just seemed to... plod. I kinda think it was supposed to plod, what with it being set in a nursing home and all, but still it felt slow. I'd recommend it to all y'all, but just don't expect another Evil Dead 2!

In other news, I had a visit to the optician's today, and will in short order be recieving my own pair of driver's glasses, perfect for seeing things that are far away. I don't expect to be wearing these 24/7, especially since I don't do any driving, but they may prove useful in curing my problem with subtitles (the REAL reason I don't watch much animé). Squinting through flashing action sequences just isn't as good.

Shin-Dig Friday! (Sorry you can't come, Shirin!)

P.S. Jacob: You can't Streamline Monkey something with politics. Only with angst.

Harry Potter and the Toenail of Icklibogg 

Rowling has confirmed that the title will be Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and that neither Harry nor Voldemort is it. Pity, because Voldemort seems to fit the ball what with him being a half-blooded guy who likes giving himself titles of nobility (though one suspects "Half-Blood Prince" is not one he conferred on himself.

So my prediction (though I'm sure some other geek on the net thought it up first) is that the Half-Blood Prince is… Mark Evans! Evans is Harry's mom's maiden name and we know she's a mudblood (oops I mean non-magical lineaged witch). Plus, in book 6, Mark will be 11, which means if he is a wizard he will be starting Hogwarts and thus can be in the book.

I also think that Aberforth is the bartender. That must be embarassing for the family, eh? "This is Albus, he defeated Grindlewold and is the headmaster of Hogwarts. And this is Aberforth, he fucks goats".

I don't think Harry actually saw his parents die, he just saw the green flash of the Avada Kedavra. Though one wonders why he couldn't see the Thestrals in Book 4 then? Probably takes a while to "sink in".

The only thing I remember about that pay raise is that it linked the PM's salery to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. So maybe that's where she's getting it from. I find her a good constituent MP, many others do as well and she really cares about us. While she has done some bad things (another example would be voting against Hep C compensation) I don't thing we have any "pure" MPs who have never done wrong. As for her being right-wing she's certainly on the left end of the liberal party as her statements in the chat, her positions and many prominent leftist supporters (like June Callwood or Barbara Hall for example) tesitify. Of course depending on perceptions anyone can be right-wing, socialists took a lot of gulf from communists for being reactionary imperialists.

Anyway, I'll let you have the last word on the subject if you want so as not to Streamline Monkey (it's a verb now!) the blog by introducing too much politics.

killbear killed ben. 

I want to say I'd love to chat about politics, but that would be lying. I've decided that until the NDP wins by a majority, I will do nothing but complain! because that's why I vote! So I can COMPLAIN.

In other news, the number Ben gave me to contact him whilst in Killbear does nothing but beep like it's busy. I just KNOW they're faking it... those wily killing bears... they've taken control of the park and have it under severe regime control. I bet they've got Ben wearing a hajab RIGHT NOW. poor guy..

I would love to come to this shindig, but unfortunately I'm going to Lina's cott-age, so I actually wouldn't love to stay in Toronto. However, have another shindig, and if my life isn't clouded over with dark, foreboding hell, or filled to the brim with exciting wonderful goodness, then I'll come fo' sho.

Hey hey, who's excited about the supposed title of the next Harry Potter book? Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince? Apparently the prince is NOT Harry, says JKR... Technically, it could be anyone from Hagrid, to good old Voldie, to Dumbly dorr himself. Hmmm.. Personally, I want to know more about Dumbledore's brother Aberforth, and the shifty/familiar looking bartender at the Hog's Head or whatever in Hogsmeade. I'm leaning towards Aberforth being the bartender, but it's such a random leap, I have no proof or reason for him to be the bartender...eek runon sentences.

Or maybe the halfblood prince is someone totally new and crazed that will turn the plot all the way inside out. that would be lame though. Like the adding of Luna Lovegood. Why didn't I hear about this fool earlier? Also, the thestrals were kinda whack. Sure, I guess you could say the reason why Harry never saw them until fifth year was cause he actually witnessed Cedric's death, whereas he may have been too young to really understand death as a baby when he saw his parents killed by voldie...

makes sense, but kinda reaching out for straws. <3 good old jkr.


These aren't the droids you're looking for. 

Jacob, I was, of course, "Matt Good for Prime Minister" - I was the one raising a stink about her flying back to Ottawa the eve of a meeting with the youth of her constituency to give herself a raise; also about her and Paul Martin's tardiness (or unwillingness) with regard to increasing base federal grants for healthcare; he was quite happy to throw a one time grant their way just in time for the election, after playing the miser for years upon years. And her tripe about "bringing salaries in line with those of the judges" is bullshit, I remember quite clearly. Conveniently, I can't find it on Parliament's website. I'm also quite pro-gay marriage, I just criticized her on that front to stir the pot more.

Carolyn Bennett, in my experience, hasn't addressed the needs or concerns of her constituents, not only is she as dishonest as is typical of the Liberals but she's really rather stupid. I can't count the number of times she's been speaking on an issue and a straightforward question has just had her completely lost for words; she can't even lie like a Liberal. I don't want this buffoon representing my interests in the House of Commons, not that she will or anything. Sadly, the mostly right-wing residents of St. Paul's voted to keep this boor on a member's salary, and there's little I can do.

That's my splooge for today. And yeah, count me in for shindiggery also, I guess.

Hey guys, Sam's shindig on Friday does sound like a great plan and I'm all for it but I need to know the time...I can't be there till about 9:30

In case some of you are wondering what I've been doing all this time and not posting on the blog...I've been putting together my schedule for UofT Mississauga, rollerblading, going to future shop parties, etc.

I've been playing Gunbound like a fiend lately! It's a pretty cool game, it's a lot like worms but...simpler I guess.

anyways...I'm out for now.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hélas, j'ai Transfiguré mes Pieds 

The shindig sounds great. We should do it again the next friday if for no other reason that I can have work people there that date on not this one. Atlas One is a great place and it'd be great to meet Neil's new inamorata.

Dave, you were in that sunday chat? Cool. So was I. Ships passing in the night I guess. Who were you? The sunday one was probably the most exciting cause the others were mainly just people agreeing about how bad the Regressive Conservatives are with no real debate. I think it's pretty cool that an MP's taking her time to talk to us and listen. And MSN is pretty "hip" for MPs, though not "hip" enough to know who Matt Good is (though if we judged our candidates based on music than Harper would be Prime Minister). I complained about music downloading laws on the horizon and she told me she would get the herritage committee to do an online consulation on it. And while the liberal party may not keep all their promises, Dr Bennett has been very consistent in keeping ones to constituants.

Considering Nader elected Bush, I'd call him a fair liability. Considering the Floridian margin of victory was about 500 votes in a state where Nader got almost 100,000 and it's just mathamatics. More importantly he's going to do it again. For example a new poll has Kerry winning head-to-head, but Bush winning with Nader included. Even if you cast aside all thought of morality than she has a point that Nader is a strategic liability to the Democrats in particular and thus to Canada in general.

Good effort 

While I do very much appreiciate the sentiment of your amusing cartoon there are several flaws I must point out in it, for the good of the universe!

1) is that for the Flux Capacitor to function it must be moving at 88 miles an hour, a very vital number.

2) To reach 88 miles an hour the Flux Capacitor must be built into something that can move 88 miles an hour.

3) The ideal (though not absolutley vital) method to reach 88 miles an hour is a delorean, be it flying or not.

that is all


so I'm guessing we're not seein' a movie today. heheheh

Went to York today and paid my 450$ enrolment deposit. Fun with a double FU.

Guyyyys, I miss our Ben and Leo. They were good people... then they fell to the dark side.

If anyone wants to come to my birthday partay on July 5th (to the 6th if you need to) lemme know so I can give you directions and details. shirine@yorku.ca

The Flux Capacitor. 

I'm more a fan of devices that employ the flux capacitor, myself.

No more fucking politics! (Or I'll kill you with a spoon) 

Sam, I too had a good idea for a t-shirt yesterday. It would have a picture of the flux capacitor on it, and say in bold letters above it "The Flux Capacitor. And it would be better drawn.
Also Sam, good news, Maddy said she was going to teach me how to make t-shirts, so this could be good.

Right On 

Dave, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Quite simply, democracy doesn't work.  

Well, my crappy Liberal MP, the dishonest, moronic Carolyn Bennett, has taken her seat in Toronto-St. Paul's. Which probably means she'll be one of the snake's cabinet ministers. Also, Olivia Chow got defeated, a sad day for Trinity-Spadina. On the up side of things, the NDP came out pretty good, and we don't have any sort of Conservative government. Furthermore we don't have a Liberal majority government, so Mr. Martin's evil plots will have to wait a while.

I still feel quite cheated though. Not a single Green Party seat, either. It's about time we instituted proportional representation. But the Liberals will never allow that.

In an online chat yesterday, my (unfortunately still) Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett had the nerve to call Ralph Nader a "liability" in American politics. I really do hope that I live long enough to see the Green Party become a "liability" to the Liberals. For now, a minority government is good - they can't do much damage this way.

I'm Also An Artiste 


What's green, sexy, and can be used to buy me liquor?

Answer: My new health card!

So, we're gonna be having a lil' shin-dig at Atlas 1 this friday, so if you dig shins, feel free to show up! This message is directed to all of y'all, but especially to Jacob and Benji. (Jacob, introduce us to your super-villains, already!)

In other news, I was in Muskoka all weekend, helping to fix-up the cottage my parents bought from my uncle. If there's one thing I can't resist, it's the chance to spend a weekend choppin' stuff with a hatchet. Down, up, into little bits, there's no wrong way to chop things. Good times.

I've been having the best ideas for T-shirts slogans lately. I'll just be walking along and the BAM! I'll get this slogan in my head. Some ideas I've got include:
Alignment shirts: Tee's with the words "chaotic good" or "lawful evil", etc. written on the front. I figure geeks love this kinda shit, so if I can find a way to print 'em, I'll be rollin' in the dough!
Faux anarchy: Conformist slogans written in scrawlish writing and with anarchy signs to replace O's or A's. I envision the day when an anarchist "Obey the Rules" shirt become the new Che Guevera.
Misc.: South America: The Cool Continent.

Anyways, I figger I'm dreaming up theez teez as part of some divine plan to make me money, so if anyone knows how I would go about printing and selling shirts, please tell me!

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Goin' Ape - Up North 


Just thought I'd let y'all know I'm still alive and kicking. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

I've been in red rock for most of June...bloody hell, there's no such thing as time. There's just days I work and days I have off and sit around. Today was one of those days, except I went shopping (as part of my happiness therapy), did my 5 mile *not km* run, and now get to settle down with Johnny Depp in "FROM HELL".

So, a little bit about Red Rock. Its a small town in North Western Ontario, no, I do not know Fred Flintstone and no, we do not live in igloos although it bloody feels like it. Who ever heard of wearing sweaters and jeans in july and still feeling COLD?! Moving on.

I'm working at the mill, which is about the same size as the town (there's about...1000 people here?) It's a pulp and paper mill. Its huge. Gross. Industrial. I...fortunately, am outside. In the 'yard'. As a rover. So basically, my day consists of me getting up at 4:30am and trying to make it to work for 5:30am. Then...I shovel sawdust, sit around, shovel more saw dust, sleep for a bit, take a coffee break, shovel more saw dust, play in my bobcat (muahahah - you know the little tractor things that shovel sidewalks? I get one whenever I want. I don't even have to WALK anywhere), have lunch, and then do all the same stuff over again because the sawdust continually piles up. It's a never ending cycle. And I get paid obscene amounts of money to do it - and each day is 12 hours long.

So is it worth it? I'm going insane, but slowly, so I think I met yet have a hope to escape...relatively unscathed. Neil Gaimon is my god. This is unrelated but I thought I'd throw it in - I've nearly finished "neverwhere" and all I can say is "MATT! WHY THE HELL DIDN"T YOU TELL ME ABOUT HIM EARLIER?!"

Now that that's over - I've also attending a genuine "bush party". It basically consisted of a large field, many tents, a huge bonfire and all the kids between 15 and 19 in our town...and surrounding areas too. Nipigon. Dorion. Hurkett. It doesn't matter. Anyways, the whole point is to get really drunk, high, or both, and then shack up with someone in your tent. It was kinda cool seeing old school chums, but on the whole it wasn't the greatest party in the world. I'd had enough to be suitably hammered and still felt uncomfortably sober compared to everyone around me. Neh, wasn't in the mood I guess. Or people here are crazy. Likely both.

Now that I've killed you guys with a ridiculously long post, I'm gonna run - Johnny waits.

Night! Hope you guys are having an awesome summer!

oi vay. 

well the plans are falling to bits. and all my other friends wanna see F9/11 tonight (sunday) ..... and I easily fall under peer pressure... ugh. but I still wanna hang wit'chyall soon. cause I'm gonna get busy FAST.

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