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Thursday, November 10, 2005

List Challenge 

It's been a long time since J-Cup posted his list of 10 ten most played songs prompting our lists, so here's the new challenge.
5 films you would highly reccomend.
You can list them in order or not in order, explain your choices or not.
Here's my list in no particular order:

Five Reccomended Films:

Meet John Doe
The Saddest Music in the World
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Annie Hall

I hope to watch some of the movies y'all reccomend. I'm trying to watch at least a movie a week (outside of class), but even that is proving difficult lately. Class, editing, Onimusha 2* and now WRITING are looming oh so large.

Also, this is my first time using internet at the York library on my laptop. I had no idea it was possible until recently.

* - I feel tricked on this one. I ain't had no intention of not buyin' no vidye games, then they put this game in Loblaw's and sold it brand new for $10. I could prove in court that I had no choice about buying this game. It was an underhanded tactic and my defences were not up.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Come One, Come All! 

Alright, I've finally gotten the picture. Blogger is absolutely useless for organizing any type of real-world events. So I will say this once more here if anyone wants to surprise me, and tomorrow I will just phone people. A friend of mine is having her last shift where I work tomorrow. I was planning on showing up there around 9:30 or so tomorrow to send her off and I was planning on bringing somefriends. If anyone wants to come, leave a comment here, even though I'll be phoning you anyways. Where I work is EXACTLY on the corner of Davenport and Somerset, a block east of Oakwood. Be there or be square.

Okay, enougha that. What else have I been doing? I just made the most labour intensive Punster comic I've ever done. And here it is! Hopefully when its printed the newsprint will create a "darkening effect", but I am personally done with it. Enjoy!

Today I went to the wax vagina museum 

I handed in an assignment today but I'm wondering if I should've characterized my prof's field as "incesteous". Oh well. It was a good class though, we went on a field trip[!] to Kingston's medical museum which is a short walk away. One wall is full of wax vaginas and is curated by the kind of guy who has a job supervising wax vaginas. Also there was something wrong with every one of them. Gross.

Speaking of gross, here's a blog that might be satire or might be truth (Link from Delenda Est Carthago which I don't read as much since he delinked us). If it's satire then the author has her "horrible 17-year old bitch" impression down pat. I mean anyway who uses that awful Pussycat Dolls song unironically about her...

Good news from Virginia, a solid Democrat win yesterday. New Jersey is a blue state, so it doesn't really matter that the Dems won there. But the fact that a pro-Death penalty liberal trial lawyer won in 9-point-margin-of-victory-for-Bush-Senator-George-"Confederate Herritage Month"-Allen Virginia says something about how popular Bush is.

"Holy Shit, it was amazing" AND "Get yo' adjudicati-ON" 

So yesterday I was in Bread and Puppet Theatre's The Circus and Passion of the Correct Moment. This may or may not have been, in all honesty, the most incredible experience of my life. We gathered up around 10 am at Vari Hall, set stuff up, and proceeded to rehearse for the next 5 hours, and put the show on at 4pm, and it was totally an hour and a half long.

It was basically about what made right now the time that it is, focussing on Capitalism and the war on terror. So we did a whole series of group dances, like the Computer dance, where a whole series of computers broke down and collapsed, and the population dance, where protesting people-puppets (we had all these person-sized puppets of people. They were sort of impressionistic, but totally fantastic looking) were kicked over by big feet, but then were formed into the body of a larger person, complete with the feet, and it breathed. There was some other stuff, too. But that was the circus, more or less.

The other part was the Passion (you know, like a passion play). This bit was inTENSE. It was mostly 5 "dances": The Federal Emergence Management dance, Ancient Times, Modern Age, Collateral Damage, and Insurrection. The FEMA dance had people wallowing in a big mire while goons in big white masks with huge white hands looked upon them, creepily, then tossed away their hands and disappeared behind their desk. Ancient Times had all of us in two armies, with kitchen-supply weapons and potlids and hibcaps for shields, and we met in slow-motion combat and all died while the B+P guys recited speeches from old Babylonian kings and chanted this amazing piece in 6-part harmony. Modern Age I featured in. The goons behind the desk returned, directing a chorus of screaming people, and every time they stopped screaming, a body was tossed off the balcony (it was all in Vari). After 5 had been tossed out, myself and four others in huge Iraqi lady masks came out and gingerly straigtened out the bodies and picked them up and brought them right to the audience, and lay them before it. Then, our huge masks were replaced for these white hockey-mask type things that said TEETH on them. The chorus, armed with People-puppets, filtered out from behind the stage and formed two towers, while we made a plane. You know what followed. (For the entire scene after the bodies were thrown out, Vari hall was silent.)
The last two dances were group things. Collateral Damage had us all form a huge bomber, and as we slowly moved through the space, we fell away from it, and froze with anguised looks, until the whole thing dispersed. And the Insurrection dance was all of us, with pots and pans and sticks, hitting them as hard as we could, following a huge puppet of a skellington riding a skellington horse, holding signs that said "Democrazy" and "Freedoom". It culminated in this fever pitch of pot hitting and screaming, then total silence. It was AMAAAAAAAAZING. We got a standing ovation. It was damn near religious, this experience. The incredible empathy I felt, as I was picking up the body, laying it down, forming the plane, and when I was in the battle, was absolutely phenomenal. It was very, very hard to do. But so worth it.

(how about this thunderstorm happening! Whooo-eee!)

So the last couple nights I've been adjudicating. There's been some spectacularly cringe-worth stuff, but some solid acts too! I got to adjudicate Robert F. Hall and HNM, both of whom were very good teams who needed to focus and get their platform down, and hit the suggestions harder, basically. I also adjudicated Richview, a brand new team, who were pretty bad, but so earnest! They'll do well someday. But why do teams always look at me like clubbed seals after I talk to them? I say really nice things! Do they think they're perfect? God!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Leeny updates 

I haven't talked to any of you in quite a while, so I thought I'd catch everybody up on the life that is mine. I'm basically just looking for an excuse to talk about myself.

Employment - Well, I'm soon to be down one job. That's right, I quit Excalibur... psych! Just kidding, I would never do that. I did, however, quit my job at the Underground last Friday. I'm staying on for another week, just to be all PC and nice and stuff. The problem is that I haven't been getting any homework done and I've been so exhausted every day that I haven't been paying attention to all my other obligations. Plus it drove me crazy to try and get replacements for shifts that I asked to have off in the first place.

Excal - I just did an interview w/ Dallas Green from Alexisonfire. He's got a solo album coming out (actually, it's already out...). It's okay. Nothing like Alexisonfire's music, but also nothing different from everything else that's out there. I doubt any of you will like it.

Anyway, I had to do a phoner interview with him (which suck, by the way) and when I called I found out that my phone wasn't working, cuz I guess he couldn't hear me. He sounded really pissed off... I think he was having a bad day or something. I called him twice from the phone that doesn't work before giving up and switching phones. He was driving somewhere in the States to do a show with Alexis and at one point he had to stop and pay a toll. The conversation he had with the toll booth lady was hilarious. It was like she was trying to strike up a conversation right there in the middle of the interstate. Apparently one of the guys was reading the new Harry Potter so she started asking him about that, and she was laughing and joking. It was just her voice that was so funny - all boisterous yet old and crotchety sounding (I'm picturing a toothless couger in a blue uniform and trucker hat). Best part of the interview. Other than that it seemed like the guy had no personality. "I like music, and I like playing music" - I got a lot of answers that ran along that line of thought. Still, he was polite enough, and like I said, I think he was just tired, and maybe having a bad day.

Da Music - other than Dallas Green, I got the DFA1979 remix album. It's really starting to grow on me. Look for a review in the paper at some point, then you'll get a better idea.

Death Cab For Cutie is pretty prominent on my playlist right now too. Have you seen the video for "Soul Meets Body"? The music notes are cool but kind of disturbing at the same time. I don't really know why...

The Dears and the Doves round out the top five. No matter how much I listen to it, I can never get over just how much I love the Doves "Some Cities". Seriously, I loves the music, yo!

Love life - what's a love life? I only understand words in books and on computer screens. Anything beyond that world is beyond me.

MUCHMUSIC! - Did I mention that I entered that MuchMusic VJ Search thingie? If you ever want to piss your pants laughing, try to convince me to show you my audition (they gave it to me on DVD after I went up on stage in the Student Centre). Too funny, yo. Also, make sure to check out my article about it tomorrow at www.excal.on.ca. It's like my Illiad.

Okay, so that was a really long post (and yet it's like I've said nothing at all!)

Sorry. Ciao.

Poor Flav 

Public Enemy hype-man Flava Flav is in a new series, it's called Strange Love. Make your own assessment.

I saw Mark Androtta (sp?) of Catch 23 in a Harvey's commercial. I'm pretty sure it was him. It was on City TV

Monday, November 07, 2005


So I'm on a new antibiotic now. The pills are so awesome looking: they're clear with lots of little pills inside them. And best part is, no fatal side effects with these ones! (*Knock wood*)

So I have to read my textbook for my New France history course for tommorrow. The introduction makes it seem horribly dreary:
The aim here is to describe, in their essential features, the 'frame-work of ordinary life' - birth, death marriage, food, work, personal identities, race class, and so on ... I do recognize that a truly comprehensive work would have to give much more attention to change over time and include more details on crime, justice, religion, popular politics, the impact of war, and a thousand other topics. i.e., he left all the interesting stuff out! It's not quite as bad as I feared though, it's readable. Plus there are fun statistics (more canadiennes died of lightning bolts than frostbite in the 17th century) and fun euphemisms ("cold nights" for sex).

Oh and btw, the avian flu is in Canada now.

I Told You I Was Still Alive. 

Omygod, I just heard the most hgilarious conversation on the bus. Here is my slightly edited (by memory, not choice) version. It is between a woman in her 30's and her daughter, who I would placebetween 4 and 6.

Woman: So do other kids in your class stop to pick up leaves?
Child: Yes... No.
W: Does that bother your teachers?
C: You're a mommy.
W: Yes, I am.
C: What else are you?
W: Well, I'm a professor...
C: What else?
W: I'm a feminist...
C: What's that?
W: Well, I don't know how I could define it for you while still doing justice to the concept...
C: What?
W: Well, let's say it's someone who wants to make the world a better place for girls.
C: What else are you?
W: Well, I'm an existentialist, an athiest...
C: What am I?
W: Well, I don't know. Do you have any strong beliefs?

I had turn away at that last line to hide that I was laughing. Also at expecting a six year old to know what an existentialist is.

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while, but I'm gonna try to rectify that. I'll start by inviting everyone in Toronto to The Gem (where I work) thursday night. I'm not working that shift, but it's my friend Karen (the young cook)'s last shift, an' I said I'd be there. I may have also said I'd bring some people, so come on down! It's on Somerset and Davenport (Near Oakwood) and they've got a reasonably priced pitcher!


Riots in France 

Wow. I only really became aware of the situation there over the last couple days. It's quite alarming, in the very poor suburbs around Paris mobs of young men, mostly Arab and African immigrants have been rioting. They are angry at the government for the poverty and the way they have been treated. Here are the figures as of 7 November (from the BBC)

-One man killed
-4,700 cars torched
-1,200 people arrested
-17 people sentenced
-108 police and firefighters injured

It seems that the civil unrest has begun spreading to other French cities including Dijon, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg and Rouen.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Goin' Ape 

FUCK. I had this whole post about these awful neo-nazi Olsen Twin types but it got deleted somehow, and "recover post" isn't working. FUCK.

well piece this shit together yourselves, assholes.

abc news article

vice magazine interview


I too secretely prayed for a strike. I need more time to choreograph and edit my worrrrrk! plus I still haven't found the all coveted live musician of choice. If anyone knows any amazing improvisers of the cello or violin, please contact me! I'm now secretely praying for a snow day.

Some of my friends and I had a Studio Ghibli party once. We watched so many movies.... I fell asleep during Nausicaa (and My Neighbor Totoro), but my favorite (besides Spirited Away) was Grave of the Fireflies, directed by Isao Takahata. Everyone should watch good anime over the Christmas break.

I also just saw a documentary on the cbc sunday newsworld or whatever about photographers of war called Beyond Words. My mom wanted me to tape it, but she has the vcr at her boyfriend's house.... I watched it anyway. There were many deformed fetuses.

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