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Saturday, May 15, 2004

An uneventful Saturday night 

So Troy was good, the only people who wound up actually going though were Leo, Meyers and I, but still fun.

I'm incredibly bored right now, I feel like I should do something tonight, but I'm too lazy to make plans or go out or anything, so instead I sit in my basement bemoaning my own lazyiness on the computer. How sad, how very very sad.

Oh well, looks like a night of video games and movies for me!

Friday, May 14, 2004

un-new years resolutions (here's a big post for ya. eat up, sonny boy) 

ok ok, I'll try to post more. gaad.

coolity: body shop job interview yesterday was fun-ity. I hope to hear soon if I will be a rich man.

question: spanish guy from BEP... is he the hot one with long dark hair and tallish.. but white-ish too? (ick. I won't prance around that issue any longer. Everyone's so antsy about racism these days. LOOK, it's kind of a part of our lives. YES, some people look differently than others, so let's get over it, not call each other names, and treat it as a stupid fact we can't change. I am white, not blue, not green, blah. ok? It's just a fact. I'm sorry. We could all wear face paint and pretend it's all just one big happy race of clowns, but that's stupid. and ugly. so get over it.)(ugh. I read this over and I say, but what if people still think I'm being racist? well yeah... I was raised by communists who taught me that we are all equal, but now I see that's only true some ways. There are also physical differences between people... and blah blah blah. not a bad thing, unique! blah blah ok? so go ahead. call me a racist commie freak. you'll only be 2/3 right.)

also, the maroon 5 video is hot shit. soft porn, in fact.

plus, The Unicorns' video is on tonight at 11pm on The Wedge, a show on much music. I think it'll be Jellybones. I will take notes on it and fill in those without cable: Ben. hachachac! watch canadian indie music bust into the sell-out scenes! yay!

on another bite, I am crazy excited about going to a bar setting again... why? because the hope that Guelphite Dave brings. but that was a disappointing and brief love affair. So skip that, but run with the theme or motif, if you will, and you'll have some happy smiles going on.

guyyyys, it's friday now, are you still movie-ing it? plus isn't Ben's family member getting confirmed? Not that Ben is your gang leader, but frankly (no pun intended! hyuck) I don't know you guys as hardcore as my n word ben. but I would also love to hang out hardcore with you all. shucks. yeah. but call me and tell me when you know what's going on. Neil, that means you, cuz I have you on msn.

Ohhhh kay. so now scam reversal. Leo, I'm with you, even though the risk can get to be too much for my weak, decrepit heart.... I get nervous that we'll get caught... but I'm all for being the cheapest possible. speaking of which, I still need to pay you guys back for last time.. what did we see? Oh yes, eternal sunshine. blah blah.

On another note, I"m so very add.

Plus, I'm going grocery shopping now. so shme. :(

Free bras? Count me in. 

Leo you went to the Roots concert? I didn't think you liked them. Shawn must be a really special guy. DAMMIT though, Jean Grae, I should have gone.

I DID see Cinderella last night, the National Ballet I think production set in the 20's. It was pretty great, I gotta say. FAR more entertaining than the opera, but the opera is good to see to cause it really blows j00 brains with the spectacularity of it all. Plus I like it when everyone dies at the end. Maybe I'm a psychopath. Maybe I'll come and kill you in your sleep.

Which reminds me: Shirin answered that question which only Leo has also answered correctly, about the woman that kills her sister to see the man again. That means you're both serial murderers in the making.

Please kindly vacate the premises.

PS. The Paramount charges as much as they do because of the destributors. The first couple weeks of a film's release, 95% of the takings go to the distributor. Only later does money actually go to the theatre, and even then, not much. On a wildly successful, long running film, MAYBE half, or even 40% of the takings go to the theatre. Most of their money is made in food.

Which is basically why I will scam reverse something in the opening weeks, but not later on. Also, downloading movies is bad not because people don't see them in theatres, but because movie sales are a source of income for the people who actually made the movie. Grips and gaffers and stuff are a dime a dozen, on wages and stuff, and camera crews tend to be similarly paid. But production staff, directors, actors, etc. usually get paid much of the video sales. Which you may sympathize with, or not. I'm just putting it out there.

PPS. I got Killbear.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

F**KING Hot Dog Vendor!!! 

Neil: 3:10! 3:10! 3:10! 3:10!!! (it gives me just enough time to hang out with Stas BEFORE and get my ass to work on time :D))

Now that I've gotten THAT out of my system...I have just landed my third job (For those not keeping count, that's: Pizza Hut, Second Cup and now, the BAY). Clearly, one needs to go, and since the second cup owner is a psycho-bitch, I'll take the Bay, where I'll be working in the Lingerie department. As incentive, I get free bras. How sweet it is :D I went through the interview with flying colours, the manager is super happy-fun (not perky, just happy...it's awesome!) So we'll see if Anthony does anything to sabotoge me -he apparently wants to make me a shift manager (a higher up pee-on, but it means I'll have to do actual work)- and so he doesn't want me to take a second job. I've worked there long enough to know that anthony talks a lot of shit, so...we'll see.

As for my sweet ass job at the Kool Haus - it might all be coming to an end (which is why, Leo, you didn't see me at the Roots concert). Apparently the owner of the guv/kool haus struck up a deal with a hot dog vendor, and we were doing so well that he was losing business. Paper contracts apparently hold more weight than verbal agreements, so there's going to be a bit of a scuffle and in the end *I* won't get to meet Jeff Martin or David Usher. Fucker.

On that note, I shall be off! My mother will hang me if I miss taping the season finale of ER. Plus I have a hockey game to watch :D

I'll be around tomorrow morning and see what the scoop is for the movie!!

Aufzüge sind mein Feind 

Well, yesterday I got away with a mere 20 minutes of unpaid OT. Naturally, today was the reckoning. 2 and a half hours of UOT plus I'm working friday night and saturday. This lends credence to the "supervillan" theory (also the fact that one of the new Humber student's research project is-no joke-"Squid Verification"). On the other hand, maybe there's an angle we all missed, the "superhero" theory. Apperently the nickname for our office around the hospital is Charlie's Angels (which would make me Bosley?). Still, both supervillains and superheros (and their assorted sidekicks of which I'm one) share one thing in common, adversity. And mine are the elevators. I think I've spent about half the time at my job in one of those three elevators. There are supposed to be six elevators. They decided to reduce them for my summer. As a result I've spent uncountable time, surronded by sweaty hoardes, in one of those monstrosities which start to creak uncontrolably if it goes two floors without stopping. Luckily [!] this never happens because every day the button panel looks like they let a immature 11 year old boy in. Generally on my trip to floor 12 there's only one or two (if that!) floors we don't stop at. Now, add up the fact that I have to take the elevators twice at the beginning and ending of the day, twice at lunchbreak (when we get lunchbreak) and for all the times I have to go to clinic or osteoporosis. Maybe one day I shall find the mysterious "staires" of legand and all shall be well.

"Dead Aunt Day" 

I can't do anything this weekend since Friday I have company from B.C. and Saturday I'll be mourning the death of my great aunt (from B.C.). Tell me how it was. I agree with W.B. Fuck Paramount. I wonder if they'll clue in when they have ticket prices at $20.00, all-time low ticket sales, and an incredibly large number of people in their theatres who all managed to lose their ticket stubs.

Troy II! 

Ok, Scam reversal will be fine, but if we hit 9 people i say we get 3 tickets, as the best ratio is 3 people to one ticket. I know I forgot to actually mention this but my original intention was to see a matinee, as it is FAR cheaper. Normal ticket price at paramount is now $13.95. So our options for Troy at the Paramount, tomorow afternoon are either 1:30 or 3:10, respond to this quickly and lets get this shit organized.

fuck the theatres! 

I have no remorse whatsoever about scaming paramount or any other such saladtossing ubermegaomniplex. First of all they charge us $14 for a fucking movie ticket. Then they have the chutzpah to show the pre-movie bit with that asshole Manny, as he denounces the people who download movie (I proudly count myself among that group, I have at least 35 movies), but he's talking to the people who payed $14 to see a movie that he is delaying. Who's the real crook?

I'm still alive!!! 

Hey all!

Apologies for being nonexistant for the past two weeks - I've had my hands full with interviews/jobs/quitting jobs/CONCERTS baby YEAH.

I'm actually quite impressed - in the last two weeks I've seen more concerts than I have in the whole of my life. Just so you all know the set up - Anthony (my manager of 3 years) went on vacation with his partner, WHO, it turns out, is the STUPID-LAZY-ASS-GOOD FOR-NOTHING shift manager he hired a while back. Don't get me started on the drama at my work, there's just too much. So yeah, the little twit he hired is actually his *man*, which doesn't suprise me. Anthony likes those types of guys. ANYWAYS, for the time that he's away, *I* get to work at the Kool Haus, selling pizza at concerts.

So yeah, Black Eyed Peas, Jurassic 5, Sweatshop, the Oddities, Blues Underdogs, Lacuna Coil (F**KING AWESOME - Italian rock group - the lead girl kind of reminds me of Amy Lee from Evanescence), some other group I can't remember, and P.O.D. have been added to my list of bands I've seen live. I actually got to talk to a couple of the artists too - the most of the time I was just carrying ice to my booth so I could only stop for a 'hey, whats up' type thing. Neh. I got to give the diiiiirty spanish guy from black eyed peas cut eye and walk away, so I was proud of myself :D

Other then that, haven't been up to too much. Mostly cruisin' the east side with Stas and her Uncle (who I also call 'theo' - which is greek for uncle) - we picked her up a teddy bear hamster, and I say it dies in the next 7 days. Call it gut instinct.

As for Troy, I'd *LOVE* to go... (maybe Orlando will redeem himself? He was decent as an elf, but in everything else he's been complete shit. They *better* not make him James Bond. Pfft.) ...however my week is completely booked (evening-wise), so unless you guys are willing to go at say, 2 in the afternoon, I'm out. Damn work.

Well, I'm out -- veggie samosas are waiting for me upstairs!

Have fun! Let me know if you guys are gonna be planning anything for next week :D

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Dave - no matter how many people come to the film you only buy two tickets. Therefore, the more people who come, the less everyone pays. The time before last I happened to find a ticket for the film we wanted to see at the proper showing time. One guy bought one ticket. Seven (7) people split the price of one evening show and that's how Kill Bill vol. 2 was really vol. $2.

Also, it's midnight on a summer night and there's not one of y'all online.

Also, the girls of the blog are not holding up their weight.

Aside from that, real life has held the rollerblading, weight-pool-pong and brief meetings with the script-for-him-guy that seem to be the only things giving my life structure. Other than the Killbear interview that was supposed to happen today but got pushed back to tomorrow because they had a blackout today. They called me up to tell me they couldn't call me. Like Shakespeare and that great bit about with the nurse telling Juliet she's too out of breath to talk.

Hey everybody, the weather is HOT!

Secret Eating, Secret Garden 

Th' movie's called "Secret Window" really, from a (grr!) Stephen King novella "Secret Window, Secret Garden". I was just making the logical progression.

And just so you know, we usually do scam reversal with like, five people. I think we've done as much as eight. Even in bare-ass-empty theatres. The teenaged attendants or whatever dun care. I always feel sorta sheisty though, I mean, when it comes down to it, I'm robbing future me. Sort of, a little. Not enough to really matter though.

And I'm spent.

Will there be a huge wooden horse? 

I'm skeptical as to how well this scam reversal scales, Leo, as n approaches more than 3 people. At any rate, I might join you,. Ever heard of Rainbow Cinemas? If you go to a matinee it's $4.25 a pop, without the need to scam back on them.

Ben, I don't know. Maybe Sympatico's link to wherever the SubSpace server is isn't especially good. Was somebody in your house downloading at the time? I know that if I don't close BitTorrent it boots me for latency and/or packet loss. And uh, Secret Eating? Put some in your pocket for seeecret eaaating? That kind of Secret Eating? I'm confused.

Roman the Web 

Quick story:

So I was typing the names of various Roman leaders into a google image search (I have forgotten exactly why I was doing this, but I digress). Anyhoo, it was going fine with people like Tiberius and Marcus Aurelius, I was learning alot and having fun. Then I tried Scipio. For some reason, the very first result for a portrait of Scipio Africanus links to a white supremacy site. What the hell? It just wierded me out.

Anyhow, after that I was kind of afraid to try Caligula, so I stopped.

True story.


Friday Troy comes out. I wish to see it, but movies are expensive, so who's up for scam reversal? I know Van Helsing was a bust, but Troy looks pretty cool. So yeah, Friday, Troy, come, it will be fun, and the more the merrier (cheaper)

Latency? I have DSL, dick. 

Well Dave. I tried. I downloaded and started up Subspace, expecting some good ol' gamin'. But I keep getting booted out of the fucker cause apparently I have high latency. What the fuck? I don't SEE anything wrong. There's no jumping from place to place. What the peanutty christ?

So fuck it, says I. I'mma post on Ape.

Saw Secret Eating yesterday, with Johnny Depp. Now, I said it before, during the screenings of mine and Leo's filmie compatriots' movies, but I'm really getting bored with the whole "it's all in his/her head!" plots. Perhaps it's because I have higher interpersonal intelligence than intra-, but I don't feel the same drive as when I'm watching a film whose conflicts are between separate people. Hallucinations are so passé.

That said, it was pretty aight. The squirrel was evil. You could see it in his shifty eyes.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Gettin' Raped [by calculus] 

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

God damned motherfucking cunt son of a fuck shit piss fuck.

I failed calculus. Looks like I'll be taking that over the summer.

As a side note, it's my first day working at the Citizen Lab. In less than 3 hours I managed to permanently fuck over a Windows partition. That's talent.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Yes! It's a Lyrics Post! 

In The Court of The Crimson King

King Crimson


The rusted chains of prison moons
Are shattered by the sun.
I walk a road, horizons change
The tournament's begun.
The purple piper plays his tune,
The choir softly sings;
Three lullabies in an ancient tongue,
For the court of the Crimson King

The keeper of the city keys
Puts shutters on the dreams.
I wait outside the pilgrim's door
With insufficient schemes.
The black queen chants
the funeral march,
The cracked brass bells will ring;
To summon back the fire witch
To the court of the Crimson King

The gardener plants an evergreen
Whilst trampling on a flower.
I chase the wind of a prism ship
To taste the sweet and sour.
The pattern juggler lifts his hand;
The orchestra begin.
As slowly turns the grinding wheel
In the court of the Crimson King

On soft gray mornings widows cry
The wise men share a joke;
I run to grasp divining signs
To satisfy the hoax.
The yellow jester does not play
But gently pulls the strings
And smiles as the puppets dance
In the court of the Crimson King.

Early prog at it's finest!

Well that's done it. 

I just got off the phone with th' Killbear an' they're saying I'll know about whether I got it or not within the week. I have either a gatestaff job or an administrative one, but they were asking me a lot about computers and stuff so maybe I have the latter. Hm. Well anyhow. If it starts, it won't be till the end of june, so I'll be rockin' the T.dot with y'all for a while yet.

Prollem tho:
IF $job = true THEN Frosh{boss} = FALSE

Which sucks. But I think I'll take the job over the frosh. Even if they are hot underaged girls. O! pain, why must all glorys of life end in stryfe! O! sorrow, to not taste the supple young flesh of youthe!

O! Drama.

Back in the real world... 

I haven't posted in a while, and I wish I had a better excuse. I've been zoned out.

A professor at the university by the name of Greg Wilson asked me to be part of his study group this summer - I of course said yes, as this guy is something of a legend around the department, and has an amazing amount of experience - just read his webpage. Anyway, first thing he did was give us some books to read that we have to give a short presentation on in two weeks. The one I chose is enthralling stuff, and I say that without the least bit of sarcasm. Apparently, one of the goals of the study group this summer will be a team project - namely, an Internet multiplayer game. Couple that with two jobs, one or two university courses, the two other projects I have planned for this summer completely separate from school, and it should be a busy time.

What else have I been doing? Well, anxiously awaiting my final mark in calculus (will I pass? will I pass? do I need to take this bullshit again?) Also, partying. And also moping. Over what? I'll give you a hint.

That and I've been listening to "Jane" by Ben Folds Five a lot lately. She came out partying with us a few nights ago (more pictures here, some of them quite entertaining), and, well, it's a long story. The short version is that I've missed the boat again. Sigh.

But to lift my spirits, other things. Yes, other things. I'm not a pop-culture whore quite to the extent that Leo has disturbingly demonstrated, but I do have a soft spot for musical freaking geniuses/visionaries. Like Matthew freaking Good. New material is up on his website and streamable for the cool kids who have QuickTime, and let me be the first to say that these two tracks are amazing, specifically Alert Status Red. On the other hand, Put Out Your Lights has a chorus that is pure gold. Moreover, concert, June 8/9 here in the T-dot and new album June 15. This man might just single-handedly save modern rock and roll from the terrible pox that has befallen it - don't miss it.

I'm going early in the morning to grab my tickets. I'm going to both shows - to make up for missing the last two times Matt's been in town.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Brilliant. Pop culture, I love you. 

I watched the finale of Survivor tonight. God, this stuff is so great. So Amber and Rob had been having a relationship. (I hadn't known about this since I haven't been able to see the show in over a month.) Anyways, Rob wins a standing contest apparently so he gets to take either Jenna (some chick) or Amber (the girl he's infatuated with) to the finals. Of course he picks Amber. Before Tribal Council, Rob says he is so unpopular he couldn't beat either of the girls. Then Tribal Council comes and almost everyone delivers a brutal cuss-out to Rob, because he is a sneaky asshole and he stabbed every one of them in the back. But also, they acknowledge he is unbelievably a well-known asshole. Anyways, after all the cuss-outs, Jeff leaves with the sealed votes on his private helicopter. We resume taping live. Before Jeff counts the votes, Boston Rob proposes to Amber. She accepts. The votes are counted and Amber wins the million.

This brilliant bastard. Boston Rob, you are my idol. This asshole KNEW he wasn't going to win the million. He proposes marriage and bing - he's attached to the million she's about to win. So evil Rob backstabs his way to the top, gets a modestly hot wife, 1 million dollars, and then, because he's also runner-up, he gets the Chevy.

I'm putting down Anthony Soprano and Boston Rob as honourary New Awfulists. If I have a majority of backing on these guys, they're in.

Plus the show added more wacky twists after the engagement and everything

Goin' Ape 

You know what's great? Futurama is great.

This is no suprise, and recently i have been watching a lot of Futurama and enjoying it, hell I'm watching it right now. I haven't been up to very much lately, mostly just Splinter Cell while I sit on my lazy ass doing nothing. Having fun defending the American dream from the Georgian comunisits...
So we've all got the whole summer ahead of us, and I wonder, is it all going to be like this? I hope not, I need to do more stuff, see more people, and more sunlight. Oh, and see lots of movies this summer. With Hell Boy, Van Helsing and Punisher the summer movie season is officially started (and earlier than ever!) which means I need to spend a lot of money of movies if I want to see them on opening day. Which is why you bastards are going to be dragged to multi-million dollar hollywood pictures on opening day all summer long, so we can do scam reversal, cause with movie prices up to $13.95 now, I don't wanna pay the whole thing!
So far the summer movies haven't been that bad, Hell Boy was surprisingly good, Punisher was exactly what I expected, and Van Helsing was a bitter dissapointment, but had at least some reedeeming features, unlike Undeworld (which, by the way, they are making a sequel to). Van Helsing at least had some good "So bad its good" moments as leo said, like the bit where they do the matrix camera aray shot as he jumps off the burning (?) wagon. Why was it burning? So on that note, who's coming to see Troy with me on friday? It's got a cool cast and a great permise and a crazy old bastard as a director, it should be good!

I think we need to have more random late night wandering around, like yesterday after some of us were at Jacob's house, (Sam, Leo, Meyers, Benji, myeself and of course Jacob), we went down to 7-11, and walked Meyers and Benji to the subway, and then wandered around the ravine for a bit, it was good fun, thats what the summer is all about to me. Though I noticed something odd, that Leo and Sam were quick to riducule me about, the sky around the ravine had an oranage tint, which Leo was quick to inform me was "A Toronto thing." I was in Peterborough too long, there the skys are dark blue or black, and the air is clean(er). I think that little crap town grew on me... Though I am glad to be back in Toronto!

Well, I feel that I've rambled on enough, and feel better about not having posted in a while (plus I promised Jacob I'd do a ramble by the end of the weekend, so now I have.)

I appologize for any typos.


the unicorns.

clearly they're more than horses.

Now if only they had spent as much time tuning their guitars and keyboards as they did humping them...

Imagine the greatness. It could make me cry.

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