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Saturday, June 26, 2004


My brother's birthday is tuesday, so I'll be seeing it then. I'm still addicted to Morrowind. More so, actually. I'm currently learning how to burn rats to death with fireballs. I could be chucking fireballs at anything, but rats are rather non-threatening, and I take sadistic pleasure in their dying convulsions. I also just got new boots. Life is pretty sweet.


Well I'm up in Kingston for this weekend, visiting my grandparents. I also have the opportunity to do something work-related. Correct a mistake of yesterday in a sense.

So yesterday I had to pull a few articles. Only problem is they were from a journal the hospital didn't suscribe to. But, there was an option of a 30-day free trial. Unforunately, a librarian had to make the order (i.e. fill out a couple of fields). So I called the librarian and explained my situation and she was like, "Well I don't think that I'd feel comfortable doing that. It's not illegal exactly, but it's certainly taking advantage of the system. It would be abusing the 30-day trial period, if you didn't intend to suscribe at the end. Besides, we have a policy against accepting free trials that short and it would be work for me to do it." Stupid whore. My mistake was that I should've lied in the beginning. But now that I'm up in Kingston, I can have one of my university librarians (Though as some of you may remember I've had my problems with them as well).

Anyway that was all a rather rambling prelude to the fact that to disperse my rage at the librarian I checked out this website that let you type in words/numbers and translate them into phonenumbers/words (It's the best type of time-waster in the sense that it does nothing you couldn't do on your own). Anyway I'm typing in numbers and I find that 967-11-11 translates to: WOP-1111.

Fahrenheit 9/11, a first review 

This was one of the most powerful pieces of film I've ever seen. I'm not a die hard fan of Mr. Moore's, but he certainly hit the nail square on the head with this one. Most of the facts he presented I'd heard before, but the way he presented them and juxtaposed them with the lies spouted by the Bush administration was masterful. While it may not be a complete picture of the situation, it certainly brought to light many rather questionable connections. I won't spoil it for you all, but here are some highlights:
  • A clip of Iraqi civilians loading a blood-covered baby into a pile of bodies, yelling "What was this baby's crime?" followed by Rumsfeld waxing about the care and humanity involved in the carpet-bombing operation.
  • As if anything can top the above, perhaps the most unsettling part of the film involved Marine Corps recruiters in Moore's home town of Flint, MI (where poverty runs rampant) aggressively recruiting youth for the military in the poorer parts of town, seeming almost like drug pushers, or worse. Offering them everything from college schollarships to music careers, too.
  • Michael Moore riding an ice cream truck around Capitol Hill, reading the USA PATRIOT Act to the passing Members of Congress through the bullhorn (his point being that nobody on Capitol Hill actually read the PATRIOT Act before passing it - the ice cream truck stunt was his attempt at rectifying the situation).
Certainly not the feel good flick of the summer, but worth seeing again.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Work, yippee... 

So I finally know my work schedule, I start on monday, so I'm free this weekend. Sam, on saturday we gotta do gamesday work!

I like this idea of partaying next friday, as I have next thursday and friday off. Plus if we do something on friday you guys can meet Maddy, my girlfriend.

Anyways, I'm very hungry because I just had a lot of boring job training, which sucked.

farenheit 9/11 

I'm all for farenheit. Err but next weekend is a bit of a bust for me. Lina's Cottage. Then the weekend after that I'm going camping with my old crew. What about this upcoming Tuesday? The 29th.. it's a matinee. or are you guys working? the 29th to the 1st would be the soonest for me... after that, the afternoon of July 6th (a tuesday as well) could work for me.. but then I have to be getting ready for camping on the 9th, and I already have salsa occupying the thursday night before I leave, so I need to pack like, wednesday night.

hee hee.. bold..

Oh! Ben called this morning. He's good... Making friends, eating well, getting fresh air. Urr.. I forgot to ask about Leo, but I'm sure he's good too. *^_^* As the official Communications Representative of Goin' Ape (c), I deliver a greeting that speaks of good health and prosperity from our Overseas Representatives: "Keep your noses clean."

He says he might be coming home for a big weekend around July 24th ish. But don't wait up, cause it's sketchy right now.

Well I've fulfilled my purpose for the day. Have a good one.

Movie Time! 

I'd say that this is about the most serious thing I've ever read on Retrocrush.com. Makes me wanna see the movie.

Anyone up for a showing of Farenheight 9/11? Maybe we could arrange something soon. Not this weekend, though. I'ma be outta town.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Disgrace in the Five Boroughs 

I hate to put the Holy Trinity to shame, but it looks like that new Beastie Boys CD packs more than is on the label. Looks like it installs a virus. It only seems to be present in the copies distributed outside the US and the UK - I wonder if we get lumped in with the Americans? - but it apparently installs a virus without your knowledge that prevents you from ripping the CD.

While distributing ripped music may be illegal, this is even moreso, not to mention just in plain bad taste. It was probably the record company's fault, but the Beasties should still publically apologize to their fans for this, the scum at Capitol who pulled this off should be endicted harshly in every country affected. If it's illegal for a "hacker" to break into your computer and fuck around with things, it's just as illegal for Capitol Records to do so.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Matt you're a jerk. 

But the party was really freaking awsome.

Neil's not joking about his hair. 

From behind, he looks kind of like a girl. It's freaking me out.

Haven't been saying much recently. I bought Morrowind and, well, yeah. I have a new hat, and a new axe. Woot! There was a party last Friday. We set a papier mache penguin on fire with some fire crackers in. If it exploded, it did so after we ran off. There was also absinth at the party. So now I've committed arson. That is so awesome. I can cross it off my list.

zip codes 

I always say my code is 90210 too...

partay: Ok, so we should organize! What's everyone's availability?

New developments: before my b-day might not be smart cause I might be at Lina's cottage. Plus I won't be legal until after anyways, right? The best bet for me might be like.. after the 12th really... cause of the camping and packing and stressing and etc. yeap.

cause Ben ain't here to ask, where are the OTHER womenfolk at? eh?

I keep forgetting to post 

Well Dave, congrats on being in charge. I've already met Manda Sam!

I agree on this whole "party" business, we should all meet up at some point, because partying is fun.
So I have a job now, its at wonderland, I am working at the southside grill there (apparently, my first day is friday.) This has forced me to finally cut my hair, which is now ridiculously short, also, I'm not allowed to be scruffy anymore. And my aviators broke.

But despite all these things, life is going very well for me. I am having much fun. And now I'm off to meet my family for dinner for my mom's birthday.

The politics of music formats. 

So I was on a filesharing hub recently and got banned for criticizing a certain evil proprietary format. Honestly, why do people insist on using Windows Media Audio? There are so many reasons not to.
  • Number one, the sound qualiy doesn't seem to ever be as good as other formats.
  • Generally, you need to have Windows Media Player (a crash-worthy piece of shit) open to play them.
  • It's proprietary and patented; software patents are very, very bad.
Please, do yourself and humanity a favour by using a patent-free format like OGG Vorbis or FLAC. If you must, use MP3, it may be evil and patented but at least it's widely supported.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Meet Manda! 

Hi! This is my new comics character, The Magnificent Manda! He's a horrible freak with the features of a panda, who also happens to be a vaudevillian drunk! Priceless!

Anyways, i had access to a scanner tonight, so I thought "Maybe I should treat all of the people to a glimpse of what I'm working on." So, here it is. (I actually drew this particular picture chez Jenna in Pointe Anne, but the comic has been steadily progressing since then)

Well, that's it.

That's "Manda", by Sam Linton.

Personal info at these silly newspaper sites. 

Sam, they ask for an e-mail address and a bunch of stupid career-related stuff. I just fill in bullshit, as they usually don't even send an e-mail to confirm it. My zipcode is eternally "90210", I live in American Samoa and I work in the Erotic Massage business (err, "Entertainment").

You can't stop information-gathering but you can make it harder for them. Sheesh, what do you think the whole Dexit scam is about? They want your valuable market research data. So, let's all get Dexit tags and then periodically swap them around, using them to buy weird and exotic shit.

On a vaguely related topic, here's something that my boss was involved in a while back: World Sousveillance Day. Gotta love how the marketing director claims that photography on the premises "isn't in the best interest of their customers". To quote one of the most definingly bad movies of the 20th century, Hackers, "Snoop onto them as they snoop onto us."


hey, did you guys ever see that episode of spongebob where a plankton guy is trying to get the secret ingredient in krusty (krab) burgers and he shows up at the krusty krab with his army of inbred hick relatives?

but before that story, there was one about how spongebob lost his "identity".. but it turns out he was just wearing his shirt backwards... heheh..

oh bob. you and your square pants just get me everytime.

also, I want a gary.

PLUS, I agree. we need to partay like hobos on speed. my birthday's coming up. we should do something a little before it tho (and don't get me a present. we're new-ish friends, so no pressure. I say we hang out and eat some ice cream, at least.) The reason I say before my actual birthday (july 5th) is cause I'm going camping with my old skool kids like, two days after, and I need to pack and shite, but as soon as I get back (13th of july) I can be the official legal booze-buyer. unless.. wait.. isn't there someone already old enough? ugh. this is what drinking does to you. vicious cycle.

aaaaanyways. you understand, right? um, and I hear ben may be back sometime in july? so maybe that'll be when we hang out. course, he'll prolly be back for his own birthday, which is at the end of july... but anyways. it's all good. we should just hang anyways. like dead guys.

also, this whole firing gay people thing... how can people get away with crap like that in today's world? what part of the states did this happen in? ultra-isolated-hicksville? a ghost-town? and even if it's ok in their little town of -?- how did it get by the picky pc-manhating femmes and etc.s of the rest of the states and world? I'm disappointed.

Monday, June 21, 2004

I Ain't Givin My Name to No Washington Post 

I'm sorry Jacob, but no matter how good your link is, I ain't givin' my personal information to any organization from the Washington, D.C. That's how they get you.

I mean, once they know where I live, it's pretty obvious that the very first thing they're gonna do is come over to my house in the middle of the night and harvest my superior DNA to create the vast, genetically enhanced clone-cyborg Sam Linton armies of the future. I mean, much as I am in favour of a cloned Army of Me (which is also a song),I always pictured myself as their leader, not just their primogenitor. When the Lintonian armies invade, I would like to be the one who reaps the benifits, not the Washington Post.

So in conclusion, try to submit links that everyone can access. Y'know, without becoming pawns of the Illuminati.

I am become Jacobth, destroyer of watchbands 

Today I noticed that my watchband is developing a fissure. This is not an unusual turn of events for me and I will not be surprised by what is about to happen. Every day it will get bigger and bigger. Then SNAP it will break and it'll go on the pile with the last half dozen watchbands I have (metaphorical pile that is, I don't keep him). I have gone through far too many of them compared to the cheap casio watch they support. I'm definitely sure I've spent more on watchbands than on my actual watch. And I'm pretty sure that this particular watchband cost more than it (it's leather, it was supposed to last, it obviously didn't). Maybe I'll switch over to metal.

This is unrelated, but it's got to be the stupidest thing I've read in a while. Last year the US Army kicked out 770 people for being gay . Because it's not like there's a troop shortage or anything. The worst part is this:
Hundreds of those discharged held high-level job specialties that required years of training and expertise, including 90 nuclear power engineers, 150 rocket and missile specialists and 49 nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare specialists.

Eighty-eight linguists were discharged, including at least seven Arab language specialists.

Arab linguists? Nuclear power engineers? Nuclear, chemical and biological warfare specialists?!
These are not the type of people you want to kick out of the army. Let me rephrase that: These are not the type of people you want to kick out of the army! Not that you'd know it if you were talking to Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness: "We need to defend the law, and the law says that homosexuality is incompatible with military service. There is no shortage of people in the military, and we do not need people who identify themselves as homosexual."

Okay, pop quiz. Does firing WMD specialists and Arabic linguists make the army more ready or less ready (answer in white text so as not to give it away). Less Ready.

Well I'm sure that if terrorists manage to nuke Chicago because the army was less concerned people blowing up cities and more concerned with who their soliders are blowing, I'm sure Elaine would be very happy.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

I'm all about that. 

Sam - let's kick it, old school. Like, seriously. Word to your moms.

So, yeah, apparently this blog has been left under my watchful eye. I promise to rule fairly and with an iron fist.

So I've been putting it off, and putting it off, and putting it off. I've been dragging my heels on my stupid study group project for a little too long now. I've been trying to get in touch with my partner all day but he seems to only have signed on once and then quite rapidly signed off. That and I have to write a presentation I'm giving this Thursday on Genetic Algorithms (the technical details are way too complex even for me, but that article is fairly down to earth; those science [fiction] nerds among you may find the link interesting).

What else has been going on in my world? Uhm, well, I went to a neighbourhood barbecue this Friday night. It was both boring and depressing - all the people who live on our street apart from 3 or 4 families are these extremely old people who stare at the rest of us out their windows; several of them claim to recognize me though I've never seen them before. Creepy, no? I did get to hang out with my old pal Josh for a while, tried and failed to get his DVD player to play multiple region codes.

I'm seriously thinking about investing in a Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra. Not quite as sleek as the iPod but it stores the same amount as a higher-end iPod model for like half the price, and is still a decent size. Oh, and the batteries are removable/replaceable, so I can avoid fiascos that afflicted the iPod.

I'd now like to direct your attention to a few things. Namely, dubbings of video game characters made to sound like they're doing naughty things. They are hillarious, in my opinion, and I hope the joy they brought me will be equally imparted upon you.
Enjoy kids.

Let's Turn This Motherfuckin' Party Out! 

Okay, so now that Leo, Meyers and Ben are gone, we can start kickin' it up in here! Knock out the beats, kick up the jams and break out the champale, cuz it's gonna be a summer long par-TAY up in this bitch! A'ight!

Speaking of par-TAYs, I gots me the new Beastie Boys CD today! Ben was right when he said that they be rockin' the new-school beats (they still gots the old shool elements, just less of 'em), but they still got all of the classic Beastie elements: Pop-cultural name dropping (Michael Moore, Star Trek, Loony Toons, Futurama, Cirque du Soleil, Carl Sagan and Helen of Troy, to name but a few), classic music sampling, and some of the best rhymin' in the biz. Quite a few overt criticisms of the Bush administration as well (which should come as no surprise) and serious songs, but these are well balanced by the pure party fun songs, creating one hell of an album which isn't too light or heavy. I mean, it's no Paul's Boutique, but it's damned good!

Standout tracks:
Ch-Check It Out (the single)
Triple Trouble (AWESOME Sugar Hill sample on this trakk, Licsenced to Ill-ish chorus)
Oh Word? (Techie, cool)
Shazam! (Sample-tastic)
An Open Letter to NYC (If it wasn't about NY, I'd think it was about TO)(except for the 9/11 parts)

Was this review helpful to you? [yes] [no]

Seriously though, let's turn this motherfuckin' party out.

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