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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hate it or Love It... 

I started out at 15, scared as hell,
I took 30 off a pack and I made them sales,

Stella Artois is the shit. Conversation while drunk is a skill. Shyeh. I took a lesson in Avid today.

See the mouse, grab it,
Edit the edges with Avid,
Is this the picture of a duck or a rabbit?
You see ass and tits, welcome to madness.

I walked in the rain today. 'Twas interesting. I went up to the hydro section and caught two soakers. Squutch!

I watched today a horrible film directed by Guy Maddin (Featuring R.H. Thompson, by the way, doing his best in a bad role in a bad production in a bad script)
You always think your heroes can do no wrong
But all my heroes have come out with one project I find absolutely awful
Don't watch "Twilight of the Ice Nymphs"

Friday, September 16, 2005


The National. Saka (unsurprisingly) bailed on me, and now I have an extra ticket. It was ten bucks, but whatever, if you want it, it's yours. Although I wouldn't refuse a beer, iffen you wanted to buy me one. Hint hint. Hint.

It should be a good show, but it would have been better if Clap Your Hands Say Yeah was opening for them, as they have for other shows this year. Don't listen to J. Ro's poor review of them, either, cause these guys really are top-notch. And hey! It's free. You can't lose.

So tell email me. nebmeister AT hotmail DOT com.

Offer available to Apers only. No purchase necessary, though seriously, a beer would be nice. While supplies last.


Hey hey y'all! It's been a little since I posted (I feel guilty if I don't post at least once a week), so here's some more of my trademark wit and wisdom.

So anyways, as you may or may not know, one of my new courses this term is Comics and Cartoons, 1900-Cold War. Basically, we're covering notable cartoons from said time-period, reviewing the historical contexts in which they were written, how they comment or respond to the events of their time, etc. as well as the form and evolution of the comics themselves. So we're starting at the beginning, around 1896-ish, during the height of America's Gilded Age. (feel free not to read this link) Suffice it to say, it's an area where america suffers from a very pronounced gap between it's rich and poor, rampant xenophobia and is attempting to mythologize itself into something greater. The reason I bring this up now, is that it seems to me that America may now be in the middle of a re-reun of this time period. We've got the rich-poor gap, as demonstrated very clearly in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina, xenophobia, which I really don't feel I need to explain, and this movement to elevate America as a bastion of freedom and Godliness in a world gone mad, which covers the mythologizing pretty well, at least as I see it. Hell, yellow journalism is even making its comeback. Anyways, I'm pretty sure all you Apes know what's going on with America today, in many cases better than I do, but I just felt the need to point out some parallels. It's all this damned enthusiasm for my new class.

Now, in actual "Goin' Ape" news, Peter Oldring and Pat Kelly, semi-regular Catch23 performers, are doing a show of their own every friday at the Bad Dog Theatre. I think we should go. (Next week, not this week; there's no show this week) At least those of us in Toronto, anyways. Ape Event!

And I'm out!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Brazilian Dance-fighting 

You guessed it-- Capoeira. Any other wannabe Blankas out there want to try it out? There's a free lesson and performance (plus food I think?) at my favourite place to eat at York, 4.30 to 6.30 on the 29th (a Friday). Tell me sooooooon cause you have to RSVP.


Remember that wiki stuff? And how I was all into the hyperlinkin' and what. To get something of an idea of what I was talkin' about, check out These Waves of Girls by Caitlin Fisher (a York prof, actually) or My Body, A Wunderkammer by Shelly Jackson. You can read them linearly, sort of, or not. Ehehehehe, Renny's gonna hate them.

Me an Neil an Maddy saw an advance screening of Lord of War yesterday-- th' new Nicholas Cage flick. It was pretty good! A gangster film, with a twist! Also a scathing indictment of the world's biggest arms dealers (US, UK, Russia, China, France-- as the film points out, the only perma-Security Councillors). Kudos to that. Some of the writing really sucked, though. Highlights such as, "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" and "Fuck fuck fuck! Fuck you!"

I'm not paraphrasing. These are actual lines.

Also does he have AIDS? It's practically EATING ME UP.

I have the new Devendra Banhart album but I am scared to listen to it. It's not just him playin' guitar into a hissy tape recorder? He has a band? He plays rock and roll? I'm a little bit frightened, truth be told. But the cover looks a little bit like Sgt. Pepper's, which is clever.

I've got to finish reading for my class tonight. Is there Lab? I guess I can go for a couple. If you need to call me, don't between 7-10, I am being SCHOOLED in modernist lit, painfully.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm doing everything. 

So it's official: I am one busy bleep.

I am doing ensemble, choreography, and sashar's troupe, but I've decided to drop dance injuries... there's always next year. I can't let education get in the way of my education.

Tomorrow night I find out my ensemble rehearsal schedule, but it's not like that'll be the final addition to my schedule of schooling.... Tonight at rehearsal with Sashar we finally settled on two crazy rehearsal times.... Saturday 11am to 3pm, and Wednesdays 6-9pm... plus he wants one on one rehearsals with us, so mine is on Thursdays after Modern... which is after Choreoraphy, which is tomorrow........ thankfully we don't start just yet.

I have to start looking for music for my piece for choreography, OR! if anyone here is into making music, especially for dance, lemme know ASAP, like a tree. No lyrics, and must be interesting (to me...). I'm working with a few ideas right now-- hope chests, anniversary gifts, honeymoons, relationships-- and they're all coming from different mediums-- scenes from film, post cards, past dance works, theatre monologues, memories-- so if you have any ideas, memories, items, boxes of items, photo albums, music, recipes, photographs, passages from books, sculptures, knick knacks, or whatevers that have given you great joy or inspiration in that great love direction, tell me about them? I want to broaden my base a little and maybe be reminded of stuff I came across too once upon a time. For example, I remember coming across a list of gifts according to year of anniversary when I was little at my grandma's. There was also a really crazy little poem that was supposed to be written to God by someone who is describing the physical and other imperfections of their loved one.. it's literally like, "When God was handing out brains, you must have been away; when God was handing out eyes, you must have not been looking, cause yours are cross eyed" there's a whole section about this person's facial features too, including their big nose... don't quote me on that, but it's very close to what the actual poem was like.... lemme know if you remember reading that once.

or not, whatever. see ya round

[EDIT: I found that crazy poem. It turns out it was just about some guy who misheard what God was saying and got screwed-- no loved ones involved:

When the Lord gave out ears
I thought he said beers
And I ordered two long ones

When the Lord gave out legs
I thought he said kegs
And I ordered two fat ones

When the Lord gave out chins
I thought he said gins
And I ordered a double

When the Lord gave out guts
I thought he said huts
And ordered a big round one

When the Lord gave out noses
I thought he said roses
And I ordered a big red one

When the Lord gave out wangs
I thought he said fangs
And I said "real short, please"

When the Lord gave out brains
I thought he said drains
So I skipped mine

O Lord, am I in a mess!

That was a poem my gran had somewhere in a crazy old lady box in her appartment when she was still alive. I read it once and thought it was kinda cute when I was little... all this capital 'L' lord business is a bit heavy for me, but it's the memory that counts. Just a thing.]

Ugh. Hi! 

Salmon Eye went to the MONDOMeeting / MONDOParty yesterday. Maybe you could call it a MONDOMeaty. Anyways, it was aight and we got made into Staff Writers (With the sword touching on either shoulder while you kneel in front of the queen). We tried to play darts and we were GREAT! We both won! I got a bullseye, then another bullseye on top of that splitting the dart and lazors went off. (Actually we were bolth pretty lousy but Sam snuck ahead of me at the end and won.) Speaking of MONDO, here's my upcoming comic for them. I know I already explained the concept to a bunch of y'all. Comic.

I watched The Saddest Music In The World today by Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin. Man, it was really great. The premise - Depression era Winnipeg a beautiful beer baroness creates an international competition to produce the saddest music in the world. Not reccomended for everyone, it's on the artsy-fartsier end of the spectrum of my own tastes, but I would call it funny and fascinating. Also, it stars TV's Mark McKinney.


In an interview with Bill Gates:
So that would be the philosophical difference between Microsoft and what Google is up to at this point?
Gates: Well, we don't know everything they are up to, but we do know their slogan and we disagree with that.

Google's slogan being "Don't be evil".

I'm in Kingston but have only spotty interweb connection (at the library). Also two of my courses have no textbooks and a friend is lending me another one. Total cost of textbook is thus going to be in the 80 dollar range, which is the amount of money I'll have made from selling used textbooks.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Am The Walrus... 

Family, punk rock, the business man -

So I'm walking with Ben and Meghan along College, ready to turn up Grace which is later Christie. We just got out of a cafe where I had a sausage sandwich and some KLB Raspberry beer. Before that we saw a documentary about an oridinary guy's mission to get a date with Drew Barrymore. I am about to explain to Ben that one of the reasons I like film so much as a medium is because you get to see exactly what tree you're supposed to see, not your interpretation of tree based on suggestions (as in writing), when BOOM! I feel something hard and cold and wet hit me. I assume it's a drink. A streetcar whirrs by. I take off my backpack and lo and behold, I have been egged. Meghan is also rightly covered in egg shrapnel. Shell on her face and white in her hair. I got the onslaught - the egg hit from behind and landed right where my backpack meets my shirt. After cracking, the yolk made its way down, dripping quickly sandwiched betwixt my shirt and backpack. EGGED! In my own city. I scream and cuss in all directions until Ben deduces that the projectile was likely launched from the streetcar with the assailants ducking down immediately after the assault. My backpack and shirt are so badly dripping with egg that I cannot comfortably wear them home. I remove my shirt and stuff it into my backpack. A police car swoops by with sirens blaring, driving in the direction of the streetcar. "WE GOT EGGED!" I inform the officers. This is all we can do. Shirtless, I hold my backpack at arms length and begin rolling home. The night is warm and the continuous uphill travel makes the shirtlessness bearable. I want to stop and tell everyone, "I just got egged."

Shaolin VS Pirates! 

Monday, September 12, 2005

It was hot today, wasn't it? 

So Ben's got a zaaaaaany idea. You know how Ben is, all being artsy and FACS and all that bullshit.

Well you may have come across Wikipedia, the community-created encyclopedia, in your travels on the web. Possibly because of WebCest or Santorum?

Well, whatever.

Point is, it's built on an interesting (well, if you're a nerd about this stuff) little engine called MediaWiki. The idea is that members of a particular site (or nonmembers, even) can create and edit pages (called "wikis"), link between them, etc. With Wikipedia, it means people write the encyclopedia articles, and other people edit them, add to them, or delete them if they are dumb or wrong. Community publishing. Man that's so cool.

Well MediaWiki is free under the GPL, which means we could, theoretically, implement it. Not here, on BlogSpot, but on some place on the web. So instead of dumb comments boxes, comments could be added right into the post. I mean, there are some issues-- changing what people say and stuff-- but I think there is some seriously awesome potential here. Especially if we leave it open for ANYONE to comment on? Or perhaps have permissioned abilities for nonmembers, ie. they can't delete content? And just imagine if we could make old posts retroactively linked, automatically! We'd have this crazy intertextual hyperlinked community page that goes back and forth all OVER the place! How nuts would that be?

Well I think it's cool, anyway.

Getting my punchin' fist ready 

I'm back in Pee-Burrow. The past couple weeks my mom and I had really been butting heads so I'm very glad to be gone, but I realize that I've left some things behind, like several boxes of my cookies.

Buying books is such a fucking pain, I think I'd rather be mauled by a bear. I'm going to get as many of them as I can online, used or at the various indie stores in town.

I just got out of the first lecture for History 335 World War One Era, seems promising, the prof is really sharp. Most frightening moment of the class: as she was reading the attendence list, she got to J and read "Justin Jardine" I let out an audible yelp. For those of you who did not attend Ursula Franklin Academy I will fill you in. Justin Jardine is one of the strangest people you will meet. He was like a British Soccer hooligan/neo nazi/closeted gay man rolled into one. I knew he was at Trent but for the most part I've been able to avoid him.

Anyhooo, I'm mad hungered and it's hot out side.


I just resolved a major schedualing conflict on my course timetable! Now, I am utterly free of anxiety! Hooray!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Aw, Boy 

I had to make a post before "Patriot Day" came to an end. That's seriously what it says on my calendar - the cheap free one from a travel agency.

Michael Moore wrote me a letter today. I think he let his venom get the better of him on this one. He could've written something a lot better. This one isn't even going to be read by its intended audience, either. And if they do glance at it and actually go for it, they'll shut down by the end when his indictment really gets kicking.
Fuck, I can't remember how to link anymore. www.michaelmoore.com

In funner news, I'm going to this:
It's an absurd, baroque spectacle and likely a waste of tax dollars, but it still seems intiguing to me (i.e. "Free"). I'mma also see if MONDO wants me to do any writing based around the spectacle or maybe catch some of the "100 artists" in a bug net and maybe axe them a few questions.

guess who's back? Ma$e--er, shirin is back... 

After quite the leave of absence, I am back.... and it's back to school for everyone.

Dance is good; I have lots of hope for Ensemble. I had an entrance interview for York Dance Ensemble on Friday and basically the artistic director said the only reason she was going to have Sashar (my Persian Dance Company's choreographer/artistic director) do a piece for Ensemble this year was because Heather and I were going to be in it... but because there's a 90% chance Sashar is going to get us a tour through Germany and Spain, it wasn't looking like we'd be able to do it AND Ensemble......... BUT!!! We talked to Sashar and he was like, "yeah, I don't know if Susan (the artistic director for Ensemble) understood what I said, because I told her there wouldn't be a conflict... it would just be a week and the two weekends surrounding it, and she said it was ok...." So if all goes well, it looks like I'll be taking Ensemble Apprenticeship instead of third year Choreography this year.

In other news, does anyone else feel like they don't pack enough food for school? I seem to always end up starving by lunch time and having to buy some extra food to fill the void.... It's actually a physically painful process: it creates dangerous "air" opportunities... dangerous... painful... ooohhh...

Well, I've got class bright and early tomorrow: Acting for non-majors at 8:30am.... it's like, living for dummies.... lesson one, wake up.

See you all soon, hopefully.

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