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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Jurassic to the Pizzark 

Jurassic Park + beer + "lightly toasted" popcorn (the second batch, anyway) was quite the good evening. It sure beats sitting around here playing the UT2k4 demo. After our little suaré, I headed home and got a slice from the open all night 2-4-1 Pizza (mmmm) and worked until about 4:30am.

I spent the week getting harassed from all sides by people wanting me to do things for them; two of these three forces pay me. I finally got my iBook back from it's second service stint - the mouse button now works properly, they had to replace the entire top case, getting rid of some annoying knicks and ink stains. I should probably study some calculus this weekend. That's about it I think.

The usual roundabout of links: a drinkable Krispy Kreme, a very disturbing video of an anime con, the USB Gundam, the Homeland Security Advisory System, and the other Homeland Security Advisory System. Also, I want a Robo Sapien. That's it for now, folks.

P.S. Naomi, could you change your nickname back to "Naomi" instead of "Nanaimo"? It's screwing up your photo, and I don't have access to Ben's Cybertarp gallery to change the name of your photo there. When I get the info, you can be Nanaimo.

Speaking of Russel Crowe... 

Apparently Russel and....can't think of the name of the actress, are filming a movie around my neighbourhood. They're up the street on Baby Point for the next couple of weeks apparently. Kind of cool, though I don't know if I'll bother to go gawk...heck, I'll walk the dog on over at least.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Yeah, but he should have punched the little girl. 

They have Russel Crow punching ethnic groups around the world, and a CANCER PATIENT (hahaha) yet they don't have him punch a little girl into a steel bar and then use her unconcious body to beat her mother. It would have perfected the episode. I was waiting for it. Good episode though.

Come on over to my house 

I realize that an open invitation to the entire internet could backfire on me, but Neil and I have rousted up a small group of people to come to my house and watch movies. My parent's aren't at home so fellow blogmates feel free to come along. So far it's Neil, Maddy, Dave and Theo(?).

So I spent most of today on the GO Trains. I had to go to Pickering and pick up a package for work and I was surprised by how fast and cheap it was. It was $10 and about an hour and a bit round trip. I can see how all these people commute in, it's very easy.

cats: not just a musical 

Getting ready for my audition---I mean job interview with the Body Shop on Tuesday. It's one of those 'group orgies---I mean interviews.' .... Anyone ever had one of those? I have no clue what to expect... maybe a bunny? and they'll want us to test cosmetics on it, but I'll already know that it's a set up to find out who should really be hired, so I'll organize a protest instead, and then I'll get the job. Ugh.. they'll probably ask me something like, "Give us an example of a time you used your leadership skills to remedy a situation!" and I'll be like, "Well, I'm glad you asked, you see, I often use my leadership skills to remedy situations, like cough syrup!" and they'll be like, "wow! you're hired. take the bunny," and I'll be like, "no way!" and they'll be like, "shhyah! yes way," and I'll be like, "awesome," and they'll be like, "*nodding*"

If anyone asks me why I'm a vegetarian, "it's for the animals" this time... no more of this "health" crap. And no one needs to know that I still eat fish.

Just give 'em the old razzle dazzle...

I'm bored! Or getting restless. Someone call me or attack me on msn (conspiracy_chick@hotmail.com) or else I'll be sitting here reading the body shop website all day....

It was pretty great. 

The Russel Crowe thing I mean. It makes me giggle to think about it, giggle like a little schoolgirl. Teehee.

Goin' back now. See yehs.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

My name is Joe. And. I. Am. American. 

You're reading Churchill's WW2 histories, box? Cool. I liked those a lot (but lots of minutae). I found them very similar to Lord of the Rings in style. Great epigraph: "In which the English speaking peoples through carelessness and unwisdom allowed the wicked to rearm".

So Molson's going to merge with Coors (The same Coors who's eponymous chairman is running for US Senate and has no idea who Paul Martin is). One good think is apperently this'll help microbrewries to gain a greater market share (The Star predicts 1/5th).

Last night I had fallen asleep early but was rudely awakened by my cat who meowed loudly and bit me. I went downstaires and fed him but noticed it was 11 and decided to watch the Daily Show. Alas, it was a rerun but rather than get out of the sofa (cause I was still tired) I switched over to the Simpsons. Then suddenly there was a knock on the door. I got up and who should it be but Neil, Ben and Matt. I threw on some pants and we walked around in the usual circuit and ended up at Neil's watching a South Park episode which had a show where Russell Crowe travelled all over the world beating people up. The moral of story is listen to your cats.

hunger strike 

I'm glad you guys are thinking about how some of us are gonna get up to Killbear. Remember, even if someone can only just get a car, that's fine. Five people can fit in a car. Don't worry about your stuff. The babe mobile is a van, so we'll take your castaways.

I'll leave the final bits about transportation up to you guys, but I'm still gonna pester you about it to keep you on schedule. Y'know.

I'm really excited about camping. You all have no idea.

Also, I'm really sorry I've been spelling your name wrong, Meyers. You should have said something!!! Unless... you did?.. And I'm really sorry I spelled elusive wrong once too. I just don't know what got into me.

Super cool news? Why yes, I'm glad you asked: The Body Shop called me while I was out today. They want me to come in for a group interview Tuesday next week at 9am. I'm so excited. Should I wear black, the body shop uniform colour to show that I already can and do dress like they want me to, or should I wear something unique and artsy to show my individuality? OOH! I know, I'll wear my awesome black tank top with the pretty, ruffly black + white polka dot skirt!! oh god. I need some good, cute, black shoes.... SHOPPING SPREE!!!

I'm going to have the last slice of lemon-vanilla cake because I think I deserve it right now.

Yae yo 

I'm writing from the Base Borden library which is pretty shabby looking from the outside but inside is quite nice.

Tonite is steak night at the officer mess so I wanna get back soon, then I'm running ball hockey in the evening.

Ben: You aint got nothing on this John Bull, I've been reading The Gathering Storm the first volume of Winston Churchill's account of WW2, in addition I'mma reading Mutiny on the Bounty for my full fix of Imperial fun. Not to mention all the people I get payed to subjugate up here. Oh yeah next time you see Nat warn her about whatever it was you picked up that crazy night you spent on Church Street.

I'm all for driving in someone can get their hands on a van, but bussing it wouldn't be too bad.

Remember I'm home the 29-1 prepare to Go Ape.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

All the ladies, they be askin' me: "Yo Ben, how come you don't come down no more?" 

Jus gimme a chance, to leave my Killbear stance.

In Toronto for tonight only! Tomorrow I go visit the grandparents, and then I'm back up to th' Killbear once more. I prolly won't be back fo' the rest of the summer after this, so come now, if y'all a real g. I'mma meet up with Neil-dawg in a couple and drop some blunt on a new belt. Awww yeah.

Shirin's feet really stink. She's hardly even been outside today and already I'm getting the scent of strong limburger and dill pickles wafting towards me. Her Liberachi wiles have no effect on me, however: I am a pillar of self restraint, taste, culture, and all the British Empire holds dear. Sorry Box. I have taken over your life while you've been away, with the notable exception of your room. I do not need it; I bunk with Natalie.

Ah, family obligations... 

Hey all. Sorry I didn't get back about the big trip up to Killbear earlier...I spent the 19th/20th in Welland as per my sister's request. Otherwise, I probably would have gone up to Owen Sound to see a cool concert.

I would have felt bad adding myself to the camping list anyway, since I have no miraculous means of transportation...that's right, this little girl only has her G1, and no vehicle.

Can we have a York reunion at the Ab sometime at the beginning of September anyway? Or somewhere in TO, once everyone is home? I suggest having a monthly get together for the blog, based around some really cool theme....I'm blatantly stealing this from TCOW.org's Pie Day. We could have our own pie day!

As far as myself, nothing too interesting is going on. For the first two weeks of August, my sister is going to Vancover. I'm going to split up the time between TO and Welland. Should be alright...nothing much to say. =)

Monday, July 19, 2004

so.... guys? 

-any- response to the suggestions for how some people will get to Killbear?

I also just realized that the bus may be a bit expensive. BUT, if someone got a parent to rent a van for us, then I guess that could work too?

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Guess Who's Back 

Alright everybody.

I am back in Toronto.

Tonight I am registering for my courses online at York.

Tomorrow morning I am dealing with financial bid'ness at York in person. I hope to be done at three pm. At which point we should all gather round.

On Tuesday I have the morning up until a certain time. I must czech the bus schedules to learn when exactly.

I'd like to see F9/11 either tomorrow or the day after that.


Separated at Birth? 

So I saw/read two "sequels" last weekend and was pretty disappointed by them both.

I saw F9/11 and it was nowhere near as good as Bowling for Columbine. I didn't really enjoy it all that much and I don't go to movies to be informed, I go to be entertained (For information I read books or newsmagazines like the Economist or New Republic). Maybe I should have seen Spiderman 2 again. That was a good movie.

I read Speaker for the Dead and it was nowhere near as good as Ender's Game. Ender's Game was a tightly paced intersteller war bilungsroman. Speaker for the Dead is second rate anthropological sf. OSC wrote a lot of books (as far as I can see it) retelling Ender's Game, maybe I should read one of those (Ender's Shadow etc).

One of the pleasurable things I get to do at work (alas this is not a supervillainy thing) is look up interesting articles and file them for people to read (I don't think they do read them, I should put a $20 bill in the middle of the files and I bet I could pick it up at the end of my time there). Anyway most of them have titles like The iron-loaded gerbil model revisited: effects of deferoxamine and deferiprone treatment (which actually does sound kinda supervillainous) but there are some on politics. Anyway I discovered that U of T has back issues of the aforementioned New Republic online so I've been browsing through them to try to find some interesting stuff. Anyway there's a lot of (dramatic) irony in some of things you read. Writing during the 1992 campaign they say about Clinton:
It would bother me greatly if Clinton was still messing around after the "60 Minutes" interview--let alone after the election. That would reveal a brutal willingness to deceive the public--way beyond the normal politicians' cynicism--as well as a frightening lack of self-control.

Less (i.e. not) funny was something written from Rwanda back in May 9 right before the genocide:
You are leaving without the full story, my friend," he had said, watching forlornly as we carried our luggage through the hotel lobby. "These massacres are just beginning.".

I wonder what people in the future will think when browsing the news of our time?

ha-ha-ha you're very funny myers. 

well. we could always borrow someone else's van and make myers drive it.

it's a little illegal, and risky, but it could be done. it was done by someone on the other friend-group camping trip I went on this summer. now do we think we're lucky, punks?

just a suggestion.

crazy suggestion #2:
you guys pack EXTRA LIGHT but take what you can with you on your person, the babe mobile will take the extra weight (tents, coolers), and you guys BUS IT. We can pick you up from the parry sound bus stop, but AFTER we half set up camp.

sorry for busting the taboos (?) of the blog by posting twice in a day.

Returning to the front today 

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, I told my parents of the camping plan and my need for the van. Apparently they're going to Windsor that weekend to see my grandma. They didn't like my suggestion that they could take the bus or train.

Are we dead set on 20-22 or could we push it to 27-29? Otherwise we need to find an alternative mode of transportation? By all means call my parents to convince them that our need for the van is more pressing than theirs. We can't rent a van because I'm pretty sure you have to be 25 or maybe it's 21 but either way it's an age I am not.

I'm fully on board and wish I could be more involved with the planning process to remove some of that weight from Shirin's shoulders. I'll try to get access to the internet over the next couple weeks.

offical camping notice! 

camping is a go-go! but this torrent of pestering is far from over.

when: aug. 19th-21st 2004
where: killbear provincial park, Blind Bay campground B, sites 849 and 843
how: laura (taking shirin, miranda, and one other calm, quiet, mentally stable person) and Greyhound bus/myers (taking the boys +maddy, assuming she'll go with neil, who won't wanna go without her in the babe mobile), tents and coolers
why: because we're too cool for toronto, and when you can't beat the heat, get out of the damn city.
what: I'm not telling you again.
-Shirin (aka The Bride)
-Neil (aka Johnny Mo/Pai Mei)
-Maddy (aka Cobra)
-Matt (aka Boss Tanaka)
-Jacob (aka Go Go Yubari)
-Myers (aka Sidewinder)
-Laura (aka California Mountain Snake)
-Miranda (aka Cottonmouth)
-Sam (aka Esteban Vihaio)
how much: (approx 58.50 *2)/9 ok???

the plan:
I suggest those coming via Laura get to her place by 7am so we can aim to leave by like... ASAP. This is so far just a suggestion though. The other mentally stable person who laura would be taking in the babe mobile (not necessarily a 'babe') can get directions to her place from me or could probably get a lift from me and my uncle to laura's. Decide amongst yourselves who's the most stable of them all.

We still don't really know how everyone else is getting up there... either we find another van that Myers can drive, or you guys bus it. The bus option is looking strong to me... but if you know of another van and want to risk the illegalness that not being on the van owner's insurance has to offer, then by all means, break the law.

Speaking of loads. Pack only what you need. Ie: One knapsack of clothes (we'll only be there for three days, two nights), necessary primping things (ie: soap and towel and tooth brush) and whatever else. I say to make this trip more efficient, we should discuss cooler contents now. Vegitarians are officially the best, SO Jacob, Laura, Miranda, Maddy and I (hope I'm not missing anyone) need to discuss menus. Also, meat eaters need to be the unorganized savages they will be and start throwing together a haphazard menu of throttled bunnies, massacred cattle, and lassooed chickens.

Let's talk tents and coolers, shall we? Matt has the 8 person tent, but not all 9 people are sleeping on one site. Errr and I was talking to Ben and he's gonna see if he can get time off during our stay, so he said he might wanna stay with us. If this is the case, MUTINY I say. I dunno. That would kinda muss up our sleeping plans, cause even though Lina said we can still borrow her tent for the trip, it's only a five person tent. I don't -really- want to use Lina like a napkin, but since there -are- less girls than guys (4:5), the superior, less stinky sex would be using her tent, so I wouldn't feel as bad. BUT. If someone has a multiple person tent and they're actually coming camping, that would rock several casbahs. I have a small tent that could fit four like sardines, but you can't stand up, so changing would be a hassle. Then again, who's to say we can't just sleep in there, and change in the bigger tent? Matt says it's got a divider thingie. So maybe we should do that.

Give me your opinions. Don't make me feel like a silly, complicated girl. This is for the awesomeness of the trip.

Oh yeah, btw, apparently one of the sites sucks a little bit more than the other................ I informed neil of this when he made the other site purchase, but we only had two options: the pair of sites in Blind Bay campground B or the pair of sites in Lighthouse Point campground. In both pairs there was one site that wasn't as good as the other, and I chose Blind Bay because it's not Radio Free, which means we can be human. Also, I've heard from an inside source that the beach at Blind Bay is all rocky re: sucks, but that doesn't matter cause we can always drive over to the Kilcoursie beach. We'll just be using the sites for sleeping and socializing basically, as Miranda said so eloquently, so I'm not too worried......... not really.....


Urk. I hope this works.

my life:
I had fun with you guys the other night! Too bad it was so late and I had to go so early.... We should hang out again sometime. It's good to get a change of pace and faces every once and a while.

I'm pretty tired and poor. I hope all those times of paying for my friends (MIRANDA!!!) in times of yore come around and shine gloriously on me..... I could use some glory (money) right about now....

Good timing 

sweet, cause I'm working 11-7 tomorow, so I can actually do something in the evening. Though I already promised I'd spend the time with Maddy...

hope its ok if she comes too.

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